How to Dress us Las Vegas Wedding Chapels

Posted by AngeloEverton on November 18th, 2011

Planning Vegas weddings is fun because the city itself is very exciting. It gets all the more fun when you start thinking about dressing up Las Vegas wedding chapels. However, there is a fine line between a well-dressed chapel and a dorky-looking one. Try to veer away from the usually dowdy or tacky themes of a Las Vegas wedding with really simple and cool ideas that will make the entire event look nothing short of chic – as it really should be on your special day.

Before putting in all the adornments for Vegas weddings in Las Vegas wedding chapels, consider how the entire venue looks like. Sometimes you have to think about what you have to take out first before you put something in. For example, there might be dowdy lights that are detachable – you might want to take these out first before you put in your own, especially if you are looking for a classy feel. Remember – the no-no is piling it on so much that your wedding venue resembles that of a Christmas tree with so many adornments that only serve to distract!

Chances are, when you have taken out the adornments in Las Vegas wedding chapels for Vegas weddings you still have a lot of stuff going on in the chapel – like abstract tiles or lights that you cannot detach. Ask the ministers if they can switch off the lights or test the ones to see which combination will give the warm, homey but classy effect. Vegas weddings tend to be on the grand side while being small – go the opposite route and try intimate for a change. A few lights might work because you will still consider lighting from your photographer and videographer.

Now you can think about how you can decorate Las Vegas wedding chapels for Vegas weddings. Try to keep things simple, such as big white bows to decorate the pews instead of overly embellished topiary trees that do nothing for the entire look of the venue. You may also choose to do away with the bows and simply add more flowers to the altar to emphasize its grandness while downplaying the other aspects of the chapel. Some will only decorate the venue partway for fear of overdoing it. The key is to add one element that you like and do away with the rest.

To check your handiwork, test it out on a camera and a video recorder so you will see the effect. These things will matter a lot after the wedding so if you like the effect on the result of your shots and recordings then you might not have to adjust anything anymore. But if you see that there are some elements that overpower others then you might either have to trim down here and there or emphasize other aspects until you finally get what you want. The important thing is to keep editing and editing until things look nothing short of perfect so you have a great backdrop for your wedding ceremony!

The initial sight of Las Vegas wedding chapels might overwhelm you, but there is nothing like a little editing here and there to turn Vegas weddings into a classy – and not tacky – affair.

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