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Shaft Seals

Looking for gaskets? If yes, we are for you! We are American Seal & Packing. We offer great quality gasket material which is compatible with the fluid and gas, temperature friendly, it acts well even at harsh temperature range. These are just a few features of our superior quality gaskets. Get to us to know more about our gaskets and services we offer.

Mechanical Seals, Gaskets and O-Rings are just the beginning.

American Seal and Packing began as an answer to customers looking for alternatives. As an American company that sells primarily USA made products, we promote by American but buy smart. We apply this to every mechancial seal, gasket, o-ring, lip seal, gasket material and flexible graphite product we sell.

To supply Metric mechanical seals for metric pumps, it's smart to utillize a European manufacture like Latty who produces high quality mechanical seals in high quantities, saving our customers money and sacraficing nothing.

Our Goal: Save our customers money while giving them a superior seal.

We became frustated with American Manufacturers that continue to promote buy American while producing part or all their product in Mexico, Brazil, or China. Of course they still charge American prices. We don't feel that is fair, and knew we could supply quality and actually deliver a seal product equal to or better than the customer expects. Most often this is American Made. This is where we are different. Quality ahead of everything. We are not beholding to any single manufacturer like an A.W. Chesterton, Flexitallic, Garlock or John Crane. With Mechanical Seals fromthe USA, Germany and France, Gasket Materials from the USA, Italy, Germany, France or Canada, we buy based on quality not where the material is from. American products still lead the way in sales volume. We proudly offer American made Grafoil Flexible graphite and Viton elastomers.

When we sell materials from elsewhere, often the raw material, PTFE, Kevlar, Viton, Flexible Graphite etc, are USA made. We also cut gaskets here from a wide range of materials including non-asbestos, PTFE, Expanded PTFE, Viton, Rubber, Silicone, Armstrong, Flexible Graphite, Mica, Etc.

American Seal & Packing is a leading manufacturer & distributor of Grafoil flexible graphite, gasket material, cut gaskets, mechanical seals, and quality o-rings providing innovative solutions to industrial mechanical seal problems. We do certify our fluid sealing products as made in the USA or only offer USA made seal products when specified.

Manufacturers we represent

AST, Delta Seal, Durametallic, Flow Serve, Graftech, Utex Industries, JM Clipper, Sepco, Lamons, FMI-SPA, Pure Flex,  Leader Gasket, Vulcan.

Though trading partners we can also offer Flexitallic, Garlock, A.W. Chesterton, Anchor, Burgmann and other major brands.

Mechanical seals, cartridge seals, engineered shaft pump seals, water pump shaft seals, braided pump packing, PTFE machined extruded or molded, rubber gasketing spiral wound gaskets, Cut Gaskets, O-rings, Viton®, gasket materials, lip seals, gaskets, full face, ring, tadpole tapes, silica, PTFE , EPTFE, Expanded PTFE, PFA, GRAFOIL® flexible graphite, molded rubber, Injectable pump packing, expansion joints, die formed packing, cut gaskets and industrial seals of all types. From Viton® Gaskets to Grafoil® Seals, from PTFE resin O-rings to Aflas® and more.

Address :- 1537 E McFadden Ave Suite A, Santa Ana, CA 92705, United States

Telephone :  714-361-1435

Fax: 714-593-9701


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