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Posted by Thrival Nutrition on October 18th, 2019

Every individual is born unique with a specific health background, genetic composition, emotional profile and lifestyle history. Just as each one of us has a different clothes size and the same size is not meant for all, similarly the same food products may not be ideal for all.

People who consume excess sugars may end up with Type II diabetes in future and their diet will have to be monitored carefully so that they consume less glucose and carbohydrates. They cannot consume the diet of a person who has low sugar levels. The condition of the body has to be studied and nutrition has to be customised according to the needs of the individual so that optimal health can be assured. Here steps in a qualified nutritionist!

Optimal health can definitely be assisted with the help of Austin Functional Nutrition. Medical research confirms that childhood diseases are on the rise and people are constantly faced with health challenges. Combined with increasing age and these impending medical challenges Functional nutrition becomes essential.

If the body is malfunctioning in a certain manner it is manifested in the form of symptoms that are evidently visible. Proper nutrition that is taken keeping in mind food allergies and intolerances can help immensely in controlling this. Austin functional nutrition focuses on the physiological functioning of the body and maintaining health under all circumstances with the help of proper nutrition.

These multiple symptoms that show up in case of an illness are an indication or clue to some problem in the body and these are recognised after careful study of the client’s diet , disease chart, illnesses and heart complications endured, lifestyle, medications taken, exposure to toxins and radiations, stress levels, use of antibiotics etc.

Let us take the example of a person who is all scratchy and uncomfortable because of the inflammatory skin condition called eczema. A general doctor may prescribe conventional treatment like pills and creams, but a functional nutritionist will go deeper and study the reasons for this flare up of the immune system. He or she will then chalk out the food sensitivities and allergies and introduce the “safe food diet”. Further investigations include the study of the stress levels and digestive system to mark the trigger factors. Functional approach of nutrition will aid in providing a new course of treatment for the patient.

The patient and the nutritionist maintain a therapeutic partnership and the symptoms of the problems are carefully studied. These should not be ignored rather they need to be understood and analysed to help the client get back to an optimum healthy state. The client is offered nutritional support with the help of Austin functional nutrition and soon the symptoms start getting suppressed and the person starts to get back to health and wellness.

The practitioner and the patient work in tandem and the causes of the disease are assessed by analysing the biological systems. Functional medicine prioritises the patient and evaluates the clinical imbalances that could be a cause of the dysfunction in the body. The reasons for the manifestation of the disease are evaluated according to the biological system of the client. It is not tough to provide temporary relief to clients but the real effect of nutrition is seen when the chronic diseases are prevented, treated and the root cause of the problem are understood.

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