Know The Difference Between Mobile Banking And Internet Banking

Posted by Shashank Bhaskar on October 18th, 2019

While online banking made financial transactions very convenient, the launch of mobile banking in India was highly appreciated by the modern-day on-the-go digital users.

With online banking, users get to carry out a host of financial and non-financial transactions from anywhere in the world through computer or laptop. But with mobile banking, this comfort has progressed further as it lets users carry out the same operations right from their mobile devices.

But what exactly is mobile banking? Is it not like online banking? Not really, mobile and online banking have some significant differences –

Transaction facilities

There is a difference in transaction facilities offered by mobile net banking and internet banking. Usually, the website of a bank through which internet banking transactions take place provide more facilities. From transferring funds, checking account balance, request a new cheque book, to applying for new FD, carry a host of transactions with online banking.

But banking transactions are limited when compared to online banking, especially if you are not using the mobile app of your bank. However, bank apps do offer several options like fund transfer, requesting for a cheque book, checking account balance, locate ATM, and more.


Between the two, the major difference is their functionality. Internet Banking gives you access to carry out online transactions using your PC or laptop with an internet connection. In contrast, mobile banking can be done with or without the internet.

Most banks these days have their mobile apps for banking. Although, you require to have an internet connection to use such mobile banking apps; banks also provide mobile banking via SMS. So, even if you do not have a smartphone and use a very basic phone, you can still access some features of smartphone banking through SMS.


There is hassle of downloading any software or program to use online banking on your computer or laptop. To access your bank's internet banking website, you can use any browser.

But in the case of mobile banking, you can access some services only with the help of a mobile app. Depending whether you use Android or iOS device, to use this facility, you will need to download your bank's suitable app.

Opening an account

If you understand what internet banking is and use it, you already have a username and password to log in to the banking portal of your bank.

However, it is not possible to use your online banking credentials to log in to the mobile app of your bank. You will need to apply individually for mobile banking. Then your bank will give you the password. Most banks enable you to apply through their online banking portal for mobile net banking.

Push notifications

One major difference between the two is push notifications. The mobile banking apps also sends push notifications, just like the other applications you use on your smartphone. Many of these notifications offer amazing user deals and discounts. So, to get these offers, you are not required to log in to the mobile banking apps.

With internet banking, however, this feature is not accessible. To check the recent offers, you will need to subscribe to the e-mail newsletter, or you will visit your bank's online banking portal.

Both online banking and mobile banking are ways to use digital banking services. Both are very convenient, safe, and saves a lot of your time. Check your bank's internet banking and mobile banking features to begin using these digital services as quickly as possible and experience banking in a completely new way.

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