Polyethylene foam sheets according to different circumstances

Posted by Rajesh Patel on October 18th, 2019

Rigid polyethylene foam sheets according to different circumstances

Foam board with seam stop function

The use of polyethylene foam board friends, rigid polyethylene foam board function and usage estimates are very clear and rigid polyethylene foam board is also known, it has a good seam function and its effect is sealing seams better than others. Experts authorized by the Chinese Ministry of transport test showed that the rigid polyethylene performance of the foam board and wood, rubber, asphalt, etc., in fact has a more optimistic effect.

Polyethylene foam board in China is not so widely used in foreign countries, in fact, it has been used outdoors roads, highways, bridges, overhaul, bridge, road, airport runway, tunnel, subway channel, subway, block wall seams , bridge road joints on both sides of the slope and other concrete works on joints and water, sealing materials, tidal power plant doors, cooling towers, construction and other projects on concrete joints, expansion joints and sealed concrete paths of materials, viaducts, sewer tunnels, airport roads, dam slope protection and water conservation and concrete electrical energy project.

Rigid polyethylene foam board is not only suitable for a wide range, and the use of methods can also be used according to different circumstances using a variety of methods. It can be divided into vertical sealing seams, horizontal water sealing joints and three other types of special joints of the sewing method. The polyethylene closed cell foam board also has a unique superiority, its recovery rate is strong, no water absorption, impact resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance, anti aging is not other materials, and by Therefore, foam board will be in our country to be more widely used.

Polyethylene closed-cell foam board has excellent product characteristics, which has an independent bubble structure, and therefore the density is small and high recovery rate, evaluation of reaching the customer better. And corrosion of closed cell foam board, it has acid, alkali, salt, oil and other organic solvent corrosion, it can better aging resistant. Asphalt with high temperatures will lead to the melting caused by the flow and closed-cell foam board that this situation does not appear, the foam board is not only high temperature, but also low temperature, low temperature, rigid polyethylene of The foam of the board will not fragile.

The foaming agent is also an essential raw material for the polyethylene closed cell foam board. The supposed foaming agent is a substance that causes the object material in the holes. They can be divided into chemical foaming agents and foaming physical and surfactant. Chemical foaming agents are those compounds that, after being decomposed by heating, can release gases such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen and form pores in the polymer composition. The foaming physical agent is that the pores of the foam are changed by the physical form of a substance, which is formed by the expansion of the compressed gas, the volatilization of the liquid or the dissolution of the solid;

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