Methods To Use Custom Stickers For Marketing Your Brand

Posted by Michael Griffin on October 18th, 2019

Stickers have been a reliable means of print marketing ever since someone got the idea of applying adhesive to parchment and sticking it somewhere. You can apply custom stickers in Stuart just about anywhere to promote your brand and products. They last longer than regular posters and pamphlets and by that extension make a long-lasting impact on the minds of the target audience. They are also affordable for marketers so much so that they can be given away for free if the material is cheap enough. The ability to be stuck on about any surface gives marketers many options about how they can be used for marketing like:

Brand Endorsement

This is the most common use of stickers. Because of their affordability, you can literally hand them out to your customers to be stuck on their cars, bags, fridges, etc. As long as the stickers are attractive enough consumers will be willing to use them and thus endorse your brand to other people seeing them. Stickers last long, which means that they won’t be removed for months if not years thus placing your brand in the minds of your target audience for that long.

Labeling Products

This is perhaps one of the most important uses of custom stickers in Stuart. Stickers can be customized to match the shape of the container and the colors of the brand. It can be used to attract the target audience. They are cost-effective as they can be produced in bulk and applied in bulk with the help of modern technology. It also helps that they can be applied on any surfaces so you don’t have to craft your brand on your glass, plastic or metal containers. Label stickers can also be used to give information on the product’s contents, warranties, serial codes, etc. It can also be used on packages reducing the cost of printing customized packages and making boxes more attractive.

QR Codes

Adding QR codes to products and promotional materials is the new rage in the print marketing industry. QR codes can be used to minimize the amount of information that needs to be printed on the sticker as customers can scan the code to get the code they want. They can also be used to provide links to promotional or informational videos, codes, social media accounts, and webpages. Using stickers, you can add the code on about any packaging surface you like.


You can stick them on your window panes and walls to decorate your businesses’ interior and exterior. They can be used instead of signboards and plates to give customers directions and label various sections of the shop. Other than making your outlet attractive, they can also be used to inform consumers about its timing, opening days, sales, etc. Some materials like vinyl are durable enough to be used as floor decals as well.

Event Giveaways

The impact of a successful event does not end on the last day of the program. People should talk about it long after it is over and wonder about follow-up events. And what better way to remind them of the good times they had than to give them stickers as giveaways? Stickers can be customized to match the theme of the event and last long enough that the people won’t forget that they attended it even if they forget what they ate there. They can also be used as promotional materials to attract more attendees. They can even be used as tickets if you are feeling minimalistic. This way visitors might feel like keeping them around rather than throwing them after the event is over.

Entering New Markets

Entering a new market is tough with the existence of established players that are already trusted by your target audience. To grab their attention, you need to use creative and memorable ways that will convince your target audience to give your brand a chance. Stickers provide you with the chance to stand out from the established players and stick to your consumers’ minds with distinct designs and colors.

These are some ways customized stickers can be used for brand marketing.

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