Boosting Ecommerce Sales with Augmented Reality

Posted by Savita on October 18th, 2019

The success of an eCommerce platform depends on how minimal is the cart abandonment rate. 

According to the Baymard research institute survey:  

  • 30% of the app customers abandoned the cart because of the confusion related to the product’s appearance. 

  • 35% of the customers were confused about the product quality 

  • Again, 35% of the customers were unsure of the dress fittings

Augmented Reality in the eCommerce platform enhances customers’ experience to reduce cart abandonment rates. Let’s explore how: 

1. Engagement: 2D product images create more engagement in the minds of the user. It creates an intense view of the product for the users that enables them to visit the store over and over again. 

Use Case: Home Depot’s AR technology-based Project Color App was released in 2015. The app takes into account lights, objects, and room shadows to check how a particular shade will look in the interiors. The app was upgraded in 2017, to enable users to check out how objects like patio furniture, faucets, and other products look in their homes. 

2. Storytelling: AR technology has changed the way how businesses did their product branding. Using Augmented Reality technology businesses are marketing their products in the form of a story to create a lasting impression on their audiences. 

Use Case: Engine Creative, the UK based agency created an Augmented Reality campaign for Pizza Hut. Downloading the Ogle app users have to scan the image on their pizza boxes and menus to access a family Trivia challenge. Users can browse through the interactive menu to directly place an order. 

3. Accuracy: AR along with 3D visuals enable users to make an accurate decision. The 3D view of products enables users to check the ingredients list and accordingly make an informed decision. 

Use Case: Sephora Virtual Artist App enables users to try and test lip shades, eye shadow pallets, foundation shade, rouge, and more before making a purchase decision. 

4. Integrating Images: Fitting is the basic reason for the customers to abandon their shopping carts while shopping online. A body measurement AR app integrates real objects into projected images to give customers the idea of the product. A virtual body measurement app enables users to try products before taking a final decision. AR eCommerce app enables customers to try out limitless clothes within a span of a few seconds. It also prevents shoppers from the laborious task of trying products in a physical showroom. 

Use Case: Brands like Burberry Beauty, Shiseido Cosmetic Mirror, Warby Parker, Walgreens, Sayduck, use  AR to showcase and sell their online merchandise. Glasses.Com is a famous online portal that enables the user to try glasses virtually before purchasing them. 

 5. Online Demo: Businesses are using AR to replace manual demo sessions for a product purchased. It manually demonstrates the process of reading a manual of appliances in an interactive way with a step-by-step virtual guide. Customers can use smart devices to go through the details of the product.

Oodles Technologies Augmented Reality app development experts create multiple AR apps for Android and iOS customers. We create apps that support AR devices like Microsoft Hololens, Oculus Rift DK1, and DK2, steam VR, PlayStation VR, Google Cardboard, Daydream View, PlayStation VR, and Samsung Gear VR. Our Core services include:  

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Are you facing constant cart abandonment in your eCommerce platform? Integrating your eCommerce platform with Augmented reality technology can turn to be a fruitful thing for your business. For more details on app integration with AR/VR/MR technologies talk to our experts. We are a renowned AR app development company. We enable businesses from retail, real estate, and healthcare to incorporate AR and MR technologies to provide immersive experiences. For more details contact our experts today!

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