Kenwei -Kenwei Ii Series Multihead Weigher Refresh The New Height Of Intelligent

Posted by sere on October 18th, 2019

The key of intelligent weighing and recombination weighing method is that the precision of weighing. For the manufacturing enterprises applying the combined weighing scale, the greater the precision of the quantitative weighing of this combined weighing scale is, the more effective it can lessen the substance loss and bring more economic benefits to the ventures. Guangdong Kenwei uses the"stable is the secret to save" which represents the top level of the combined scale. It avoids the hindrance factors of the reading weight value caused by the inconsistent vibration time and vibration of each vibrator and hopper, also helps to ensure that the combined scale is steady for a long time. Fixed performance and material saving to the best extent.

Series II smart multihead weigher is strictly controlled in element selection, structural design to key shaping, and strives to make it a product with high cost performance and strong competitiveness. Series II smart weighing and recombination weighing scale adopts specific high-precision and high-speed detectors to make sure that the true accuracy of substance weighing screen is controlled in 2 digits after decimal points; the thickness of stainless steel box is 2.0 mm, the entire machine runs comparatively reliable and has good stability; the whole welding manufacturing procedure is embraced in the case to be sure the steel caliber of the entire box. Inter-weighing accuracy is higher.

Compared to additional multihead weigher of the same sort available on the current market, the application scope of the II series smart weighing and recombination weighing scale is broader. It's not only acceptable for leisure food like Chinese herbal medicine slices, tea, coffee beans, chocolate beans, raisins, but also suitable for particulate materials like hardware, plastic rubberized cubes, and also acceptable for vegetable salad and fruit. Salad, potatoes, onions, berries, saints along with other fruits or vegetables like large target weight or big capacity quantitative weighing.

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The detailed strength of an enterprise depends on its own creation skill and constant pursuit of craftsman soul. First, the outer appearance of this chassis is innovative large inclined plane design, which makes open-box inspecti

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