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Posted by healingtheeye on October 18th, 2019

Generally speaking, women are less inclined than men to get an eye injury during their lifetime, however, the unfortunate trade-off is becoming more vulnerable to various eye ailments.

Women And Eye Diseases

Women tend to need glasses more frequently than men, and they are more vulnerable to developing chronic dry eye as well. It might be a dry eye if you are struggling with symptoms like blurry vision, irritation, pain, and redness in your eyes. Eye drops help in the short term, but it is time to schedule an eye appointment if it doesn't go away.

Two severe, sight-threatening conditions that more women are diagnosed with than men are glaucoma (vision loss from damage to the optic nerve over time) age-related macular degeneration (causes the gradual loss of central vision). Do not get overly worried, however; the reason for this is simply that women tend to live longer than men, and the best way to combat these diseases is early detection through regular eye examinations.

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Risk Factors For Eye Disease

A couple of eye disorder risk factors associated with being a woman include maternity, birth control, and melancholy because all three triggers a lot of changes in hormone levels. Dry eye's likelihood becomes higher in such conditions, and birth control may increase the odds of cataracts.

Being a girl is a danger factor nobody can control, and another is era, but there are ones that we can do something about. The most important is neglect. At the hustle and bustle of making sure the rest of the household gets all the appointments they want, many women forget that their health needs attention also. Don't forget to schedule your eye exams!

The Female Gaze

After all this discussion about eye disorders, we want to change gears to something more fun: the differences in how male and female eyes see! Various studies have demonstrated that girls are better at distinguishing subtle differences in color, whereas men are better at tracking motion. Just think -- that there could be a reason for all those married couples!

What Your Optometrist Can Do

As eye caregivers, we encourage all our patients to be proactive in looking after the health of the eyes. A few important things we can all do is to consume healthy foods, stop smoking, and program those routine eye exams. But if you are noticing any changes in your eyesight, don't wait months for that normal appointment to come about. Give Dr. Kondrot a call now!

We love helping you keep your eyes healthy!

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