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Posted by Catherine Harris on October 18th, 2019

Facebook acquired Instagram in April 2012 and paid the sum of 1,000 million dollars for the company. According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the purchase came because he tried to improve the user experience so they could share photos with family and friends, but regulators have always doubted the true reasons for the acquisition, much more when a dossier created by Snapchat has been leaked, detailing how Facebook pressed them to buy them but also Instagram and WhatsApp. The report also details how they have been imitated throughout history.
In this context, a group of former Facebook employees who worked in the company when Instagram was bought, and who have wanted to remain anonymous, have recognized the CNBC that Facebook did not seek to acquire Instagram to crush it as a possible competitor, but rather He did it to defend himself against the fierce threat that Twitter could become if he acquired the Instagram platform, for which they had already offered a sum of money to get hold of it.

These spokesmen detail that Facebook saw Twitter as its main competitor in 2012, although it already had fewer users. In 2011 Facebook had 845 million monthly users and Twitter 100 million, there was a difference, although much less than now. Besides, when Google launched its social network Google+ and achieved in less than a year 90 million followers, it became another dangerous opponent for Facebook.

That's why Facebook decided to buy Instagram. In those years, the company had as one of its priorities to improve its mobile strategy. According to former employees, Facebook apps were slow, "some Frankensteins," so they needed to improve them to ensure future growth. Facebook had launched in August 2011 Messenger, which allowed users to chat with each other, but did not finish taking off, and the developers began working on a photo application. Just then, Instagram caught the attention of the company's employees.

When on April 6, 2012, Twitter made an offer of 500 million to acquire Instagram, Facebook doubled the offer. Although Instagram itself was not a threat, nor Twitter, the combination of both would give Twitter a sudden advantage in the mobile field.

This led Facebook to hasten its decision and acquire Instagram, offering up to double the previous offer, to combat its rivals Twitter and Google+ and also boost its strategy on mobile devices.

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