Measuring Your Compatibility With Women

Posted by Juanes Garza on October 19th, 2019


Are you compatible with you mate?

If it's a question, that you can't answer now because you are in a new relationship, that's fine.

However, If you can't answer after dating for months, then this article will help you to see deeper into what defines a relationship.  

If you wish to have a solid relationship with a woman, you’re gonna need to have more than just attraction, affection, etc, you’re gonna need to be compatible with each other.

You may not have put much thought into compatibility, because it’s not talked about much, but we see incompatibility constantly.

The mission is to arm you with serious questions to ponder about, especially when it comes time to move your relationship status into “serious mode”  

Compatibility: a state in which two things are able to exist or occur together without problems or conflict.

What To Look For:

First, there are 2 types of compatibility:

The 1st is being compatible with self, and the 2nd is being compatible with another.

Example: a person who claims he lives simple, but you’re always catching him buying the most extravagant things, or going to extravagant places, means that this person words doesn’t match what he seeks for in reality.  

When it comes to good compatibility within a couple, you’ll notice that there is almost never conflict between them.

To gain knowledge whether there is compatibility, you should start by asking serious questions (in a fun way) while newly dating.

This is sort of an interview, so if you get too "serious" it can cause tension, as  
no one likes to feel like they’re at a job interview, while just out on a date.

Now, while asking questions (in a silly way) you can check if you are compatible with what he/she says, against how they act and behave over time.  

Most newly dating do ask these questions, but not for the purpose of compatibility.

So when you get your answers, contemplate what you’ve learned, as these tips can spare you from the heartache of dating someone that’s off the mark.

This is the conflict: when a person contradicts themselves, and you expect the opposite based on their words, then you’ll find yourself frustrated.

Another example, is when a new friend claims he is always punctual but, always shows up late with excuses.

Understand this: when you are compatible with someone, something just clicks!

Ask “What Makes Him/Her Happy At Work?"

Instead of asking if she likes her job, ask her, what makes her the happiest at work.

This is a powerful question, because if she says that she is always at odds with everybody, and hates her boss, then this conflict will spill into relationship over time.

This question will help appraise, what type of compatibility lies between you, and will give you a sense of their value system.

If someone’s value system is a nice healthy mixture between good, and bad stuff, that’s good, or she may down right hate her job.

Either way with this info, you wanna observe how your posible mate responds to the rest of the world.  

Ask: “What Do You Like Most About Relationships?”  

If she likes to be wined, dined, and spoiled, and you’re a simple guy, then that’ll tell you a few things.

If she tells you, that she had 9 boyfriends, and she is the same girl that told you that she is always at odds at work, then you have a gist of what you are dealing with.  

Another example: the many times a couple goes out to eat, one of them ends up frustrated.

For instance: she is a vegetarian and he is a carnivore, and they seldom go to places that accommodate both, so end up at each others throats.

In this example, this couple is incompatible in the area of dining, and though they may compromise, that can only last so long, I have seen big disappointments over this with her saying:

“He knows I’m a damn vegetarian, damn!  

If you’re reading this with a full belly, you may chuckle about it, but if you are hungry, you may find yourself pissed, at why he didn’t look out for her.   

There is always selfishness blended into incompatibly, or the case which is outside logic, in which 2 people just don’t click.

When dating: once you get your answers to these questions, the terms of compatibility will be there for you to examine.

If you find that you clash, and don’t enjoy doing the same things, then your compatibility level will be low, now you have to consider whether you can overlook those things.

For example, the vegetarian has no problem hanging on, and finds something else to eat afterwards, or learns to always to eat before going out, just in case.

The couples who are compatible, overlook those things, and simply carry on wonderfully.  

The real question of love lies within being compatible!

Some couples are lucky where the guy or girl couldn’t care less where they go, just getting out of the house is all they care about: having this quality is gold!

Ask: ”What Did You Love Most Growing Up?"

This question will give you an idea about ​​their background and pick up customs and cultural differences.

Many times a girl is a certain way because her mom was like that.

Similar backgrounds can help with food etc or make things more interesting if you are culturally different, but requires that the couple is open minded.  

Example, A foreigner met a Thai girl, and got along well in Thailand, but when she moved to the states, their compatibility level changed from a 9 to a 2.  

The Thai girl suffered without her Thai food, along with other cultural differences, that kept them at odds with each other.

In the case of cultural upbringing, good luck trying to change decades of hardware, however the one rooted in their cultural ways can open their minds, and make things work.

Common values, goals and dreams are absolutely indispensable when it comes to measuring ones compatibility.

By looking deeper, asking several questions, and being open to work out whether you are compatible, compromise, change, etc, will put you in a position to conquer women and be generally happy.  

Compatibility: a state in which two things are able to exist or occur together without problems or conflict.

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