Raw Tea Can Never Turn into Cooked Tea During Storage

Posted by naturalpuerh on October 20th, 2019

We have our own pu-erh and black tea garden in the famous tea producing area in Puer City, Yunnan.Our tea garden associated with blue sky and white clouds, neighboring with forest and grass, thriving quietly in the mountains beside the Lancang river.No air pollution, no pollution of water source, no pollution of soil, no pollution of processing technology.

The essential difference between raw tea and cooked tea

Pu-erh tea is divided into two major groups: raw tea and cooked tea. Raw tea means that the black tea is not converted into a natural pile. Cooked tea means that the tea is subjected to the process of “smashing piles”, and it is artificially fermented by the action of wet ripening to promote non-enzymatic auto-oxidation of polyphenolic compounds, transforming the contents of tea leaves, reducing bitter and astringent taste, and making taste change. Alcohol, eliminates the blue odor, shortens its aging stage, and can drink early.

Therefore, how long does it take for Pu-erh tea to be matured, and cooked tea is not a craft. The length of storage time has nothing to do with whether raw tea can be converted into cooked tea.

Natural aging of Pu-erh tea:                   

Pu-erh tea is known as “an antique that can be drunk”, and its unique quality is more recognized. The storage process of Pu-erh tea is the process of slow oxidation, polymerization and decomposition of chemical substances in tea.

Due to the reduction of tea polyphenols and caffeine, the bitterness of tea soup is reduced, the astringency is reduced, and the irritating sensation is weakened; the change of amino acid makes the tea soup more alcoholic and full, and the decomposition of polysaccharides increases the content of soluble sugar in tea soup, and the tea soup is more Sweet.

The color of the tea soup will gradually change from yellow-green to orange-red; the aroma will be transformed into a more intense floral aroma with high floral aroma, and finally converted into a more mellow aroma of aroma, medicinal and woody.

How long does it take for raw tea to drink?The process of raw tea natural ripening is quite slow, the longer the time, in good storage conditions, the excellent quality of Pu-erh raw tea, storage time is relatively long, is conducive to the best drinking experience in the later period.

For Pu-erh tea, many people pursue the long-term and expensive prices, and think that the longer the year, the better. It seems that the longer the year, the more valuable it is like antiques. Pu-erh tea is the same as red wine, but the vintage of Pu-erh tea is also very particular. The age of raw tea is between 3 and 20 years, and cooked tea should be between 3 and 8 years.

The selling point of a hundred years old tea lies in the collection, and the value of drinking is not great. Tea friends should change their taste to be their own taste, not the so-called "year".

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