What is engineered timber flooring?

Posted by Michel Marino on October 20th, 2019

If you are a homeowner looking for different flooring options, you may have come across engineered timber flooring. The term “engineered” in this flooring option indicates that the timber has undergone various modifications. Depending on a company’s location in the world, the wood undergoes different modifications. 

The reasons why modifications are important are;

  • Treating timber helps in making the floors stronger and durable. Changing the floor after every ten years is economically unviable. Fortunately, this flooring option gives you as a homeowner a chance to install high-quality floors

  • Modifying timber is also the best way of ensuring that average quality wood is easy to install without affecting the floor durability. Over the years, engineered timber flooring has challenged the mainstream notion that it is impossible to transform average quality timber to quality flooring options. 

  • The third reason why this modification process is important is that it helps the manufacturer to transform timber to fit humane conditions. Most flooring options lack this feature, and it is hard to control pests and other organisms. Fortunately, treating the wood is a game-changer in achieving humanly-conditions. 

Advantages of engineered timber flooring

Unlimited installation options

We all have a preference when it comes to our spaces and homes. Unfortunately, the traditional flooring options lack the customization options when it comes to installation. In most cases, you only have a set of installation options, even after paying a lot of money in purchasing a flooring option. Fortunately, with engineered timber flooring, you have unlimited installation options.

Thanks to these options, different interior designers have used these flooring options in their attempt of making home and spaces better and elegant. Depending on what you want your floor to look like, it is possible to customize your floor without affecting the floor’s durability or its ability to get repairers. This feature is critical in this age where customization of space is important.

Highly affordable

Affordability is an important factor in flooring, just like in other projects. Choosing an engineered flooring option is ideal for people on a tight budget and more importantly, a floor that does not compromise on quality. How does this flooring option save on installation money?

First, compared to other options such as hardwood, the price points for engineered timber flooring is relatively low. Second, the installation process is fast and in this case, the homeowner saves on labor. Thirdly, this flooring option does not require subfloors, and in this case, the homeowner saves extra money, without compromising the quality of the floor.

You do not need subfloors

In most flooring options, you need plywood for maximum results. Plywood is important in helping the floor have an excellent blend with the flooring option. The use of subfloors, however, subjects the homeowner to extra work and extra installation time. Fortunately, with engineered timber flooring, you do not have to worry about subflooring.

Therefore, you have two main advantages. First, you save a lot of time in the installation process. Most engineered timber flooring options come with easy manuals ad perfect size. Second, plywood is not cheap and therefore, removing the expense in the flooring project is an added advantage to the homeowner.

Ideal for your health

One of the reasons why floors are important is that they help in giving your home humane features. It is, however, sad to note that most of the flooring options available in the market subject people to endless dangers. Fortunately, this flooring option gives your home a perfect floor, with ideal conditions. The flooring option also ensures that your home has the right humidity and temperatures are ideal for people living in that home.

The creators of this flooring option also understand the importance of ensuring that the floor is not the breeding place for insects and other living organisms. When buying an engineered floor, therefore, you should ask whether the floor has the above features for a safe place.

The best option in achieving versatility and authentic look

Do you want to have a versatile and authentic floor look that is also durable? Interior designers for the last century have been on a search for a flooring option that is also attractive. In the past two decades, this flooring option has been the ideal option for most people across the globe.

Do engineered timber floors accommodate changes in the designing world? Yes. In most interior design firms, it is correct to state that clients are opting engineered timber floors to traditional options such as hardwood. The trend, according to expect, will continue to change how the world views flooring and interior design. 

In conclusion, it is correct to point out that this flooring option is futuristic and ideal for any homeowner interested in quality floors but on a budget. Although engineered timber flooring options are almost similar to one another, they share different colors and finishes. You should, therefore, take your time when looking for a perfect flooring option.

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