How To Select The Best Camping Tent

Posted by basshopper on October 20th, 2019

There are tents of different shapes, sizes, characteristics, colours, with robust or lightweight structure. To guide a good choice, it is essential not to overlook the analysis of certain characteristics that may influence your decision. We will see what are the key points to evaluate to choose the best tent for your needs.

There are tents that are suitable for small day trips, others that allow you to make routes for several days. Some are suitable for high altitudes, others for camping near the sea or in windy places. Some have their strong point in assembly speed. Each store has different characteristics depending on the use you are going to give it and your needs. The best tent will be different if you have to endure wind, rain or just temporary and emergency shelter.

If we are going to do mountaineering, we will have to assess its resistance to the inclement weather and low weight. For camping, we will need more space, weight not being so important, valuing comfort more than resistance. Camping tents are stores with spaciousness and comfort, even to appreciate that you can stand inside them.

The more people have to sleep in the store, the bigger it will have to be. This is quite logical, but also pay attention to its qualities. Always after knowing the use that we are going to give it, it is useful to decide your material and the people who are going to sleep in the store, as well as the luggage we carry. A tent for camping must be larger than a mountaineering shop. The practical aspect is also important: excessively large stores are more difficult to handle and need systems to ensure greater stability. Size is also important in relation to the means of transport that we are going to use.

Some of the main forms of tents are: Canadian, umbrella, vaulted (dome or igloo) or modular.

The Canadian tent has the classic pyramid shape, it is very small and does not allow much movement, but it is certainly practical and light to carry.

The umbrella store reminds of the tent of a circus. It is quite high and allows a slight internal movement.

More comfortable are the igloos, which are quite spacious. The tent has the classic sloping triangular roof with a rectangular base: width at the bottom, a little less high.

The modular tents have an internal division, where we can find a living room with a bedroom, large and spacious, allows you to move even standing, but requires a more complex assembly.

An important variable to consider when choosing the tent, are the materials with which the tent is manufactured. The technical materials have better characteristics: carbon, aluminum, Kevlar, ptfe treatments, nylon, fiberglass. These elements give it excellent properties, but the price goes up. Special care must be taken when sewing to prevent water ingress. The materials can also be used to determine the degree of safety of a tent, which must comply with existing standards.

The lighter, the better. Lightness implies, simplicity of handling, transport and installation. There are, however, some types of stores that require a certain structure, such as family or modular stores, that should accommodate more people more days, and require virtually "fixed" facilities. In this case it is better to focus on other characteristics rather than weight. Normally, the presence of carbon and Kevlar among the manufacturing materials gives strength to light weights.

Very important weight depending on the type of activity that we are going to do, it is not the same to go on an alpine route than camping in a camp site. We must be very aware of the weight if we have to carry it in the backpack.

Don't fall for the traces out of several manufacturers that maintain roofs and their tent walls are already waterproof. Water might be resisted by them however they aren't watertight. Also bear in mind that the zippers for your own doors and windows might not be watertight. A rainfly is your surest way to keep rain from your own best family tents.

In choosing a tent, we can not ignore it, the price will be one of the most important factors when making the final decision. Prices can vary from a few tens of euros to several hundred.

With this brief guide we hope to help you at first to better understand what kind of store you need. There are many in the market, but following these instructions I am sure that you will look for the store that is most suitable for your needs.

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