Impact Drivers: A Powerful Tool That Should be in Your Tool Kit

Posted by enegitech1 on October 21st, 2019

During the past century, there has been an exponential surge of intensive progress and development in the field of science and technology. The impact of this development in science and technology can be evidently seen through the rate of progress in sectors such as the automobile industry, architecture, power, energy, maritime, navigation, communication, computer science, space exploration, etc. Human history and the development of tools & implements have developed hand in hand together.

From the times of ancient stone tools seen in museums to the latest modern handheld electric motor-based power tools, the story has not changed only evolved. The story is of evolution not change.

In recent times, manufacturers have dedicated their focus towards the singular aim of revolutionizing the tools, gadgets, devices, and implements required to physically build upon the visions of human minds. The introductions of these visionary ultra-modern tools have made life easy for professionals such as engineers, inventors, and even our DIY hobby enthusiasts. Power tools such as 18V impact driver have become the industry standard for any construction, building, repair, fabrication, and maintenance based sectors.

Power tools such as drill machines, power saws, nail guns, power screwdrivers, a wide range of grinders, polishers, sanders, wrenches, compressors, blowers and so on are industry graded parts of the kit for professionals. A Brushless impact driveris a very common multipurpose power tool since most handheld electric power tools are easy to use and save a lot of time during projects. There are various power-based versions of handheld impact driver power tools available in the consumer market such as the cordless, corded and air compressor based power version.

The latest cordless impact driver is configured with a wide range of modern features aimed at a wide range of professional activities. The range of configurations can often be a confusing factor as well as a very handy element during complicated projects. 18V cordless impact driver is a powerful electric handheld power tool. Normally, Cordless power tools are cheaper in comparison to the cordless versions of the same tools.

The latest technology in the sector of electric impact driver power tool is the introduction of the brushless impact driver. The brushless technology has introduced a brushless motor in the power tool which makes the tool time-efficient, with an extended period of time it can be used for. The new motor does not heat as much as reducing the pressure on the battery and optimizing the level of performance of the impact driver. The brushless technology is slightly expensive in comparison to its peers but if your need is for regular use then it’s the best version to opt for.

The most basic aspects to consider while buying an electric impact driver power tool:

Impacts Per Minute (IPM):

Impacts Per Minute means the number of impacts the impact driver will generate in one minute. The higher the IPM the faster the impact driver. Depending on your needs you can choose a higher to lower IPM ratio.

Rotations Per Minute (RPM):

Similar to IPM is Rotations Per Minute which means the number of rotations the driver will generate in one minute of time; choosing from which will depend on one's need.

Battery Capacity and Voltage:

Batteries are measured in Amps meaning the higher the number the longer the battery will last after a full charge. The common impact driver versions are 12V and 18V voltage capacities.

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