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Posted by Anand on October 21st, 2019

Commerce can be quite taxing for students owing to the innumerable concepts and subjects to remember. Each year, new topics are introduced and some old ones are hashed, as per the changing rules and advancements in education. It can get tricky to keep up every time and stay up to date, resulting in added pressure to study harder. Extramarks app and website steps in, helping students stay updated on the syllabus and enabling them to prepare for various subjects like Management, Banking, Accountancy, and Business Environment. The platform does this by providing the detailed syllabus along with learning resources like ICSE Class 12 Commerce Sample Paper, study materials, additional notes, mock tests, previous years’ question papers and a lot more. Being available as an easy to navigate the website and a downloadable app, Extramarks has established itself as one of the best e-learning platforms in the country. The only way to survive in the current digital era, where children waste most of their time on the internet and phones, is by making academics available online. Extramarks understands the needs for being able to invest precious time fruitfully and has taken education online, helping students learn in a mobile, relevant and self-paced manner. Going beyond students, this platform has also proven to be a sigh of relief for parents who are looking to encourage their children towards academics and score great results and excel. Extramarks, along with the ICSE Class 12 Commerce Sample Paper, also complements classroom learning with innovative audio-visual modules of learning, which in turn help to engage students and motivate them to study better. Gone are the days of thick, heavy and burdensome practice books and long tuition classes. Extramarks is easily available at a single click away, helping students to learn in a time and cost-effective method. The wide range of resources also enables students to learn with the method that they are most comfortable with, ensuring great results in examinations. Extramarks also provides students with a thorough breakdown of the marking scheme of the board, which in turn comes helpful to form an effective study schedule and make the most out of their education. Practising the ICSE Class 12 Commerce Sample Paper and the various mock tests are the keys to scoring great marks and excelling academically. Download the Extramarks app or scroll through the website to study better in a fun, enjoyable, enriching and organized manner.


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