Setting Up Your Own Traditional Sweets Store

Posted by juliabennet on November 20th, 2011

One of the best businesses you can put up these days should be able to spark interest in young clients as well as give old clients something to reminisce about. This business is the retro sweets business - specifically, the traditional sweets kind! Opening up your own candy store selling sweets of yesteryears would be a wonderful addition to your neighbourhood, where kids of today and their parents or grandparents would trek to for a sweet treat before heading home.

Some people might find that a traditional sweets store might not be appealing to younger kids, but the power of sugar as well as the power of presentation could prove them wrong. If you plan to set up a retro sweets store, it is best to make it as quaint as possible. The reason for this is because if it looks old fashioned enough it will stand out from modern stores that are a dime a dozen. Give your store some love and character by keeping it small and quaint, with antique fixtures that will make customers feel like they have gone back in the past when they buy there.

Furniture-wise, your traditional sweets store will do a lot with antiques and wrought iron pieces. Sourcing for furniture for your retro sweets store is easy and cheap - just go to flea markets and buy several sets of tiny tables and stools or chairs. Since you bought them cheap, you have a little bit more left in the budget to have them upholstered. Go for candy stripe colors when you upholster them and above all make them as padded as possible! Give your customers the feel as if they have sat on a marshmallow fluff when they enter your cute little store and admire it.

Displaying the traditional sweets in your retro sweets store is also critical: you want to make it appear as if it was straight out of the fifties. Source old display jars with metal screws and hand write the labels of each candy type. If hand written is not your thing, choose an old fashioned fancy script and print out placards. Display them in a row and watch googly eyes dart here and there, choosing which ones to buy. Set aside plastic bags and tongs where the customers will put their treats: reminiscent of the good old days with kids clutching their plastic bags of candy.

Always add sweet little touches of niceties when you are setting up your traditional sweets store, such as a barber pole, cheerful old fashioned music, a chalkboard where you write your new arrivals and many more. In today's modern times, something as quaint as a sweet store would be greatly appreciated and would surely attract a lot of attention. It is a nice respite from all the modernity people see around them and the plus factor is being able to bring home some nice treats to share with the rest of the family. You are doing your community a favour by being the neighbourhood retro sweets peddler!

There is always something "sweet" about retro sweets . Setting up your own traditional sweets store is quite easy with some tips listed here.

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