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Posted by skyhigh on October 21st, 2019

Today the world is getting busier than ever before, in this situation we believe that it is critical to have peace of mind and body, so how to achieve that and what can mindfulness do? At the Good Place we have several Workplace wellness programs that can help you achieve peace of mind, body and soul.

One of the trips that include in our mindfulness programs is meditation. Meditation is a core aspect of Workplace wellness programs. Studies have shown that daily doses of meditation reduce stress, even decrease blood pressure and fight depression and anxiety. And it’s a true story.

When you overwhelmed you emotionally weak. Emotional resilience means that you are bouncing back from a challenge, and then staying calm and cool while each person around you is freaking out. Sound useful?

Today Ray Dalio, Tim Ferris, and half the Fortune 500 CEOs meditate every day? Sounds appealing, and yeah we teach and inspire our clients to meditate through our Workplace wellness programs.

We teach that it’s not your pillow, it’s your brain that can help you achieve the ultimate peace of mind and body, so please take care of it. According to the research, A little meditation before bedtime has been shown to improve relaxation and fight sleeplessness.

The Good Place is dedicated to providing mindfulness and meditation workshops for the coffee-addled employees and the tired bosses. And the benefits can equal big bucks. Our programs can help you:

•    Improve the productivity of your team and it’s the performance to a large extent
•    We ensure that there is a reduction of the absenteeism, attrition rates, and there is a significant decline in sick leave
•    Our Workplace wellness programs will make your team happier
•    You will notice a great team resilience and you will notice a decreased stress level
•    It can assist your team manage technology and information overload
•    Attract top talent via good workplace culture

How much will it cost you?

The math behind hiring a wellness program is pretty well documented. Several studies have shown that cost of not having a workplace wellness program always outweighs the cost of implementing one.

Take your time and think about it, and you will realize that how much does staff turnover, absenteeism and low efficiency cost your industry? According to the 2015 Australian Industry Group survey reckons it's about 8 per employee per absent day. This statistics is about billion to the Australian economy every year- which is huge. So what are you waiting for? Go hire the Good Place to improve your team productivity.

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