Things to Remember When Making Old Fashioned Sweets

Posted by juliabennet on November 20th, 2011

Planning to make your own sweets? If the major task on your agenda today is to make old fashioned sweets, here are some things you need to remember to ensure that your project becomes a sweet success. Making candy is not as easy as some people think. It is an art form that needs to be taken seriously but at the same time you should know how to have fun with it. Here are thoughtful tips to keep you on the professional track without putting a damper on the fun.

When making your own sweets, it is always better to have your own supply of tools that you will use to make candy with. Old fashioned sweets are best made using the following simple tools: a saucepan that is medium-sized (usually with a measurement of three or four quarts) complete with a bottom that is quite heavy and the sides are straight, a wooden spoon with a long handle, a pastry brush, and a reliable and heavy duty candy thermometer complete with a metal clamp which you will use to attach it to one of the saucepan’s sides. Everything else is just add-ons.

Always check the weather forecast before you make old fashioned sweets, for weather will definitely have an effect on the outcome of your project. Humidity will take its toll on sweets, especially if you are making hard candy, because of how water is attracted to sugar. Your hard candy might end up a sticky mess instead of them bouncing along with a hard thud no matter how many valiant attempts you make. If the weather refuses to cooperate, then you should simply pack up and wait for a better day – a dry and clear one – to resume your candy project.

It is also best to thoroughly check on your thermometer before you embark on a sweets making project. Old fashioned sweets rely heavily on time and heat to come out as perfect as they looked in the store, so your thermometer must be working perfectly as well. If it is off by even a couple of degrees, you should discard it already and get a new one. Those couple of degrees could already spell the difference between a success and a disaster. A good candy thermometer is not hard to find nor is it expensive anyway so you can simply go to the store and buy a new one.

Only the freshest ingredients must be used when making old fashioned sweets such as a new packet of sugar or unsalted fresh butter that is far from its expiry date. Be sure that when making sweets everything you use has not been exposed to contamination because it will definitely alter the taste and the quality of your project – and mind you, it is not for the better! When it comes to food coloring, you should also remember that a little works best. If you put too much your candy will have a dull and dark color; bright colors that pop are achieved with one or two drops only.

If you are going to make old fashioned sweets you are in for a lot of fun. Here are some tips to get you started in making sure that your sweets end up a sugary success and not a sticky disaster.

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