The story of Sylvanas Windrunner

Posted by Ambroise Pierre on October 21st, 2019

The story of Sylvanas Windrunner

Sylvanas is one of the most important characters in the World of Warcraft series, and it is also the most distinctive character among the tribes. Because of the unique style of the accident, everyone who fights with her is fearful and awe.

She used to be the leader of the Silvermoon City, shouldering the burden of defending the Elven Kingdom. When the Lich King attacked her home, she encountered unprecedented difficulties. The powerful enemy launched a fierce attack on her. Although she was very heroic and courageous, she was outnumbered and the army led by him was completely destroyed. The death knight revived her soul and turned it into a resentful banshee to serve herself.

As time passed, Sylvanas regained freedom. After she was free, she found many undead who had had the same experience before. She gathered these undead and joined the tribe together. Defeat the Lich King with the help of the Horde, and the enemy is rewarded!

From this time on, she has been guarding the tribes and the undead from the enemy. And through the help of others, more people who were previously persecuted were resurrected. But as time went by, her behavior was questioned by tribes.

When she led the soldiers to guard the Elven Kingdom, she was not able to withstand the enemy because the enemy's power was strong in the past. The enemy entered the city and began a bloody massacre. The sinful knights harmed the unarmed elves and turned the dead Sylvanas into a banshee king by witchcraft.

After the resurrection, Sylvanas became the king of the banshee and always loyal to the Lich King. At the same time, her shape changed, and she was full of evil atmosphere. At this time, she was no longer an elf, but became a monster. This is a story about the windrunner battle. For more details, please let the players enter the game and find out. If you are short of Buy WOW Classic Gold in the game and can't make a big difference, click to buy more World of Warcraft gold at a lower price. This is always your supply station.

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