A DIY Approach to Orlando Wedding Photography

Posted by AngeloEverton on November 20th, 2011

Planning an Atlanta wedding is definitely tons of fun – until you hit a wall, budget-wise. For some people, the biggest splurge they could do without would be professional Orlando wedding photography. If your wedding is also of the budget kind, you might want to take a few ideas about wedding photography that you can do yourself. It might take some effort on your part, but in the end it will be worth the hundreds of dollars you get to save for other expenses.

When planning an Atlanta wedding, your orlando wedding photography need not just be in the hands of one or two professional photographers. Some creative budget geniuses suggest leaving an instant camera on every table and let the guests take fun pictures of themselves, to be collected by you and your groom at the end of the night. The fun here is in waiting for the pictures to develop and you will see what wild and wacky shots your guests have taken. Who knows - there might just be a budding photographer with great talents among your many friends.

In today’s age, Orlando wedding photography can actually be assigned to a few good friends who come to your Atlanta wedding armed with their own DSLR and micro four thirds cameras – gadgets that are meant to be used by simple consumers yet pack enough punch to churn out really great-looking pictures. Ask your friends a month or two prior the wedding, and the only expense you might have to shell out for would be an empty and generous-sized expansion card and some batteries to give your photographer friends enough juice to last the fun wedding night.

If you should desire a photo booth kind of set up for your Atlanta wedding, there is no need to contact a professional orlando wedding photography studio to have them set up at your reception venue. You can make one yourself! Put a camera on a tripod, leave the shutter control tied at the end (within easy reach of your guests as they pose) and compose a nice backdrop to go with the scene. Have a friend be in charge of uploading the pictures on social networking sites so your guests who are also your contacts can choose the ones they like best to tag themselves in it.

And if ever you do have a meagre budget to spend on wedding photography, you might want to do a budding photographer some favour by hiring himself (at a much more competitive rate, of course) instead of tried and tested (and highly expensive) wedding photography studios. Most of these young ones are creative and just have enough determination to outdo their self-taught skills to give you pictures that are worth smiling upon in many years to come. With simple photo editing and manipulation, they will surely have enough snaps that are worth keeping in your picture book. These are just some helpful tips to get your simple photo memories in shape at your dream wedding.

Don’t have the budget for an all-out orlando wedding photography? Your atlanta wedding need not suffer from lack of pictures thanks to these helpful tips.

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