How to choose dog clippers.

Posted by Sarah Addyson on October 21st, 2019

With the right dog clippers, you can certainly make the trimming experience more bearable for you and your dog. Not all of them are universal or suitable for all dog types, considering some have short coat, while others long and thick. There are many styles available, sizes and mechanisms. It depends if you prefer to trim your pet on your own regularly or simply occasionally, between professional schedules. Some products are reasonably prices, but this does not mean they are high-quality or intended for professional use. There are a few factors to take into account and once you go through them, you will be able to decide. 

Your dog’s fur type determine what dog clippers you should purchase. Electromagnetic ones are suitable for thin coats and short fur, because you don’t need such strong power and grip to cut off hair. Medium thickness fur is more stubborn, so you can invest in a pair of pivot motor clippers. Eventually in case your dog has a thick coat, with long or double coat, then you should purchase professional products, such as the ones with rotary gear-driven motors. It is important to make the experience bearable and convenient, not suffer along with your dog and end up doing more harm than good. In the end, their coat should look nice and even. 

Ergonomic clippers are highly recommended, to make the job easier for you and assure comfort, not elbow, wrist and arm strain. The weight is important as well, because the products should not be too heavy to hold for long periods of time. Of course, very lightweight items are not recommended either, because they don’t feel sturdy enough and will not assure a good grip and control. Blades have different features as well, as basic clippers have a single one, while professional products have different sizes. With some of them you can cut hair really short and fine. Some of them have combs incorporated, so you don’t end up clipping your pet too close. There are many such differences that matter and assure a nice trim. 

Pet supplies of all kind are available at specialized pet shops and you can find items regardless of the type of animal you have. All of them need dedicated care and a lot of products, not just food and bedding. You can make your lives’ easier with the right items and assure comfort and wellbeing. Besides cats and dogs, some other pet choices include rabbits, hamsters and gerbils, Guinea pigs. They are easier to handle, as you purchase a cage and make sure they have all essentials inside. This includes Timothy Hay, because they need to chew all day long and make sure to wear down teeth. There are many products in this category available on the market, but choosing the right brand is essential. 

Timothy Hay should be an integrated part of all small pets’ diets. It is full of fibers and crucial for your animal’s digestive system. Pets need to have it around, along with other food options, such as fresh vegetables, pellets and fresh water. It all depends on the small animal you have and what your vet recommends. Not all hay types are the same in structure and nutrients and it depends if you have an adult or a baby at home. For instance, you can choose some special products during pregnancy, to assure an extra content of calcium and calories. It is a great source for many small pets and you can find recommendations at a specialized pet shop and even online, by discussing with other owners and sharing experiences. The key is knowing there are so many choices out there and focusing on quality products is the key to have a healthy and happy companion. 

Resource Box: Are you planning on trimming your dog’s coat on your own or occasionally? In that case, look after some quality dog clippers that will help considerably in the process. This pet shop has everything you need, regardless of the type of pet you own, including Timothy Hay for your small animal. 

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