Treating Infertility with the help of IVF Surrogacy

Posted by corionclinic on October 21st, 2019

The modern medical science accumulates all solutions to cure any kind of bizarre-health issues where the solving of infertility is an easy one. Couples who have failed in natural insemination and are suffering from serious mental breakdowns due to infertility can still have a child together through various surgical procedures of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). IVF is one of the most common of all procedures and also treats surrogacy.

IVF procedure cost in India is extremely affordable in comparison with the rates of western countries. Not only Indians but reproductively-challenged couples from various foreign lands visit India as they only have to pay a little amount of money which is less than half of what they would spend in their own country. Moreover, due to the frequent flourishing development of Indian Medical Science is earning a huge reputation around the world and successfully helped around millions of infertile couples to enjoy the blessing of a baby till the date.

There are plenty of surrogacy clinics in Mumbai that treats infertility with the In-vitro Fertilization method. The IVF operation is a painless experience and the conceived mother is kept under premium medication and care to avoid hypothetical complications. If the intended mother is physically unable to hold the baby in her womb, the clinics also arrange surrogacy treatment which also follows the steps of the IVF method. The surrogate mother is bound with a legal-contract to give birth to the child of infertile parents. There are two types of surrogation treatments practiced by the surrogacy clinics in Mumbai.

  1. Identified Surrogation- Here the surrogate mother will be genetically related to the begotten child. The donor's or the intended father's sperm and the ova of the surrogate mother will be fertilized through IVF method of insemination to create embryos that will be inserted into the surrogate mother's womb via a thin hollow tube. Here the child will be genetically identified only with the father.
  2. Gestational- In this process of Surrogation, the contract-bound surrogate mother is not biologically related to the begotten child. The embryos are created through IVF procedure by the fertilization of the intended parents' sperms and eggs, then the embryos are transferred into the gestational carrier of the surrogate mother. The child will be genetically identified with both the intended parents.

Due to less IVF procedure cost in India, IVF treatment is a very popular and safe way to cure the problem of infertility among couples. IVF treatment is featured by four significant steps including Ovulation Induction, Egg retrieval, Insemination, and Embryo transfer. IVF treatment is followed by some common after-effects faced by the body like-discharge of small amount of blood-tinged or clear fluid from the vagina, mild-cramps, mild-bloating in the stomach, constipation and breast tenderness. According to the records, the conceive success rate of IVF treatment is presumably high and this is probably the reason why couples who are facing the problems of infertility, choose this option to have a baby of their own.

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