When is Matte LCD Display Appropriate?

Posted by Nabin Shaw on October 21st, 2019

Choosing between a glossy LCD display and matte LCD display can prove to be a difficult task if you don’t know your priorities and what you need concerning where you will be using your device and what you will be using your device for. To be able to choose the type of display that suites you better and satisfies what you want, it’s important that you know when glossy screens are better and when matte screens should be the best choice.

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We have highlighted specific instances in which a matte LCD display would be better than its glossy counterpart. They include the following:

  1. Pick a matte LCD display for outdoor use

Matte LCD displays have surfaces that are less reflective. For this reason, it is very easy to read these screens outdoors or in environments with bright lights like rooms that have a lot of light coming from the doors and windows. If you will be using your laptop outdoors most of the time, then you should pick a matte LCD display because you will be able to read whatever is on the screen clearly even when the sun is bright. 

  1. Pick a matte LCD screen if you are apprehensive about eyestrain

As mentioned above, matte screens have surfaces that are less reflective as compared to their glossy counterparts. Because of their less reflective surfaces, matte displays will always have fewer glares as compared to glossy displays especially when exposed to external light sources. So, if you are concerned about glare, and you are also worried about the potential eye strain that usually accompanies the glare, then a matte display is what you should choose.

  1. Choose a matte LCD display for easy cleaning

Do you find smudges and fingerprints unsightly? Well, if you do, then a matte LCD display would be your perfect choice. First, matte screens are not fingerprint magnets. So, if you are using a touchscreen, then you won’t have to clean your laptop screen more often because there will rarely be fingerprints on it. Secondly, matte displays do not attract as many smudges and as much dirt as glossy displays. This also means that with a matte display, you will only be cleaning your laptop screen once in a while. Besides, matte screens are also very easy to clean.


While you may want to pick a matte screen because of the reasons discussed above, you should also be ready to pay more because these screens are usually more expensive than glossy screens.

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