Health Risk Assessment

Posted by Evexia on October 21st, 2019

The Health Risk Assessment & screening tools provide each participant with a complete health and lifestyle evaluation based on the most current scientific guidelines for optimal health as well as aggregate population health and lifestyle data for employers or organizations. The Health Risk Assessment and screening tool accessed through Evexia’s single sign-on is brandable and customizable. Privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed. Through the Health Risk Assessment, users fill out a detailed questionnaire about their lifestyle, demographics, and personal medical history and receive a comprehensive and confidential wellness report that includes individualized feedback plus suggestions for specific ways to lower their risk. Administrators can use the aggregate data they get from HIPAA-compliant HRA results to make informed decisions about their wellness programming.

Health Risk Assesment is also available as a stand-alone application

Process for Health Risk Assessment & screening tool:

  • Participants sign-up for their biometric screening appointment using Evexia’s online scheduler with automated email reminders.
  • Participants enter their clinical data, complete the HRA Questionnaire and print their own private and confidential reports.
  • Evexia’s comprehensive communication and rollout plan, branded to your organization, is used to promote the HRA program and increase participation.
  • Data are analyzed and compiled in the aggregate form including benchmarking, comparative data and recommendations for action.

Health Risk Assessment tools Advantages:

  • Employees/users can book their appointments with Evexia’s Health Risk Assessment tools online appointment scheduler.
  • Real-time reports with zero wait time can be accessed through the administrator dashboard.
  • Targeted messages can be sent to specific segments of your population.
  • Custom questions can be added to the HRA Questionnaire based on your organization’s needs.
  • All users are given an individualized plan that includes recommendations for action and appropriate resources to help them improve their health and wellness.
  • Available in paper format
  • HIPAA & GINA compliant

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