Underground Petroleum Storage Systems - Why Prevention is Better than a Cure!

Posted by geologixaus on October 21st, 2019

General stores, vehicle dealerships, transport facilities, and service stations are all likely to have an underground petroleum Storage system (UPSS) as would any other commercial or industrial site with on-going fuel Requirements. Unfortunately, the EPA reports that Significant contamination is linked to underground storage tanks.

When there are UPSS containment failures, spills and leaks can result in:

  • Groundwater and natural resource devastation
  • Explosions
  • Threats to human health
  • Huge costs

Furthermore, the consequences of UPSS failures can also impact the corporate reputation of the business or individuals that are involved.

Prevention with Regular Checks

A faulty UPSS can contaminate surface water and groundwater with petroleum hydrocarbons and can negatively impact various ecosystems as they become mobile. One cup of fuel can make the water of an Olympic-sized swimming pool undrinkable.

If soil and groundwater become contaminated, it won’t necessarily show immediately since contaminants Move more slowly in groundwater compared to surface water. In some cases, checking groundwater quality can also be hampered by poor Access.

The best strategy for preventing leaking systems and detecting contamination risks it to perform Regular UPSS checks. For this reason, NSW UPSS Regulations expect all service station owners and operators to perform regularly check for fuel tank leaks. This includes checking that pipes meet all operating and Installation standards. If there’s a fault or leak in the system, it’s illegal to ignore any resulting contamination.

Contact Experts Today

Why suffer the risk of expensive clean-up costs when you can invest wisely with regular checks? Operators and Owners are responsible for any contamination costs that may arise so it makes sense to get the good advice on UPSS standards and regulations. Geo-Logix can ensure that your UPSS system is compliant, identify potential issues, And provide the documentation you need for buyers, sellers or regulators. We can also:

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