Four Leaves of Pu-erh

Posted by naturalpuerh on October 22nd, 2019

We insist in rigid organic planting and management since reclaimed without any chemical pesticides and fertilizers.
We are constructing our new organic factories(Covers an area of 32000 Square meters with value of 98000000 RMB) and bring in new machines according to food production standard regulation for organic tea processing to achieve the perfect combination of modern processing management with traditional technology.Our tea garden and products continuously obtained China, EU, NOP and JAS organic certification since 2010. The products have been exported to Europe and United States for many years.

Many people like to drink Pu-erh tea but don't know much about Pu-erh tea. Pu-erh tea is made from Yunnan big leaf sun-green tea, which has the historical name of the national geographical indication. Pu-erh tea raw materials can be divided into: wild type wild tea, cultivated wild tea, wild tea, terraced tea, etc. according to cultivation methods. The following one is introduced.

1. Wild type wild tea:

Most of them are trees, and a small part is small trees. The tree stands upright and towering. Tea is easily mutated due to its growth. In the same tea, there are often as many as four or five varieties of mutated tea. The young leaves are hairless, and the leaves have thin and blunt teeth. The third-stage bud leaves are 5~8cm long and the length of the leaves can reach 10~20cm. Because the leaves are rich in leather, it is not easy to form a rope, and the color of the tea is mostly dark green. The main and accessory veins are thick and distinct. The tea is soft and heavy, the aroma is deep and specific, and the mouth feel is very irritating, but the water is sweet and long and stable. Many wild-type teas are not bitter, and local ethnic minorities call it bitter tea.

2. Cultivated wild tea:

Most of the shrubs or small trees, the branches are carried out or semi-developed, the tree height is 1.5~3m. Due to manual management, tea leaves sometimes have less variation due to breeding. In the same tea area, there are about two or three varieties of mutated tea. The young leaves are more silvery, the leaves are fine and sharp, the semi-exhibition is not spent 3~5cm, and the length of the leaves is 6~15cm. The leaf body is thinner than the arbor, and the color of the hairy tea is dark green or yellowish green. The main and auxiliary veins are obvious. The tea is stronger and the quality is better than the wild type, the aroma is higher, and the taste is slightly thinner and stronger than the wild type water.

3, wild tea:

Pu-erh wild tea is a tea tree that has been cultivated by artificial domestication but has been abandoned due to natural or artificial reasons. It has not been dwarfed and artificially managed, and has been naturally grown in natural forests for a long time. Many sources of tanned tea in Yunnan belong to wild tea. The age of tea is about five to sixty years, and the height of the tree is about 1.5~2.0m. The tea species is slightly mutated due to breeding, the leaf is thick and the color is deep, and the aroma is between the cultivated wild tea and the tea garden tea.

4, Terraced tea:

The local tea scholars in Yunnan and the tea industry think that the good tea species refers to the tea planted in the densely planted tea garden developed after 1949. This kind of tea has been in relatively good management after artificial cultivation, such as pruning, fertilizing, spraying drugs, etc. The measures are the basic measures in the management of Terraced tea, so Terraced tea can also be said to be artificially cultivated tea. The leaf edge is fine and sharp, the leaf body is the thinnest, and the hairy tea is mostly light green and yellowish green. The more the original tea leaves, the more obvious the leaf veins are, and the tea is also heavier. Compared with the former two, the tea of ​​ Terraced tea is the strongest, the tea is mostly thin, the aroma is the most, the taste is also the strongest, the return is sweet but the retention is short, the water is thin and sweet and less stable.

The above is about the introduction of four kinds of raw materials of Pu-erh tea. In general, the wild tea is thick, but the aroma is not obvious; the tea in the terrace is strong, the taste is light, and the water is slightly shorter. The characteristics of wild tea are somewhere in between. Wild tea grows in the mountains, the amount is not much, it is not easy to pick, so the price is higher. Therefore, Pu-erh tea lovers can choose according to their preferences.

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