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Posted by Opara Law PC on October 22nd, 2019

Questions: Do I need an entertainment attorney lawyer?
Answer: Entertainment lawyers are the ones who represent the people in the entertainment industry in lawsuits i.e. musicians, authors, producers, actors, etc. They advise them about the contracts which they are entering into.
How should I know if there is a requirement of an entertainment attorney lawyer?
If you are in the entertainment industry or if you want to sue a person who is in the entertainment industry, you might want to hire an entertainment lawyer and it should be done if:
1.    You are entering into or if you are negotiating the terms of a contract
2.    If anyone else has violated a contract
3.    Someone has robbed you of your intellectual property
4.    You are trying to figure out publication or distribution rights
5.    You are being sued because of any of the above criteria
If you are boggled up when it comes to your rights and obligations, the entertainment lawyer can advise you and also help you steer in the right direction.
Questiion: If I am working with an entertainment lawyer, what should I expect?
Answer: Any of the documents that the lawyer will draft can be a legally binding agreement and is with the terms that the lawyer ensures you can understand.
If you want to sue another person and want to win your case then you can expect to win compensation or the sole rights of the work. If you are the one who is being sued then the entertainment lawyer will do their best in proving your innocence or the lawyer might help reduce the charges against you. There are said to be no guarantees in the lawsuit but with a lawyer, you can know the ins and outs of the law and also the court proceedings so that you can receive the best chance.
Question: What are the other things which an entertainment lawyer can do?
Answer: Apart from the traditional negotiation of the deal documents, there are some attorneys that will assist with the packaging and the pitching of scripts. This implies that they might have an established network which includes agents, producers, talent, managers and also financiers. They can help you in making introductions and can also assist in putting together an entire package, which includes talent, in order to present to an investor. The seasoned entertainment finance attorneys can help you have a good understanding of what each type of investor might be looking for where they can also help you put together the best presentation of your project.
Another thing which the attorney can provide is a representation letter. This letter is a confirmation that the attorney represents you as the entertainment counsel where it is also accompanied by the query letter and also a script submission. The benefit of having a lawyer on your team is that it can provide you with an air of legitimacy where they can also help you appear more professional to the producer.
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