Canada Student VISA - Process, Eligibility and Requirement

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Canada Student VISA. How to apply for Canada Student VISA? Visa Application Documents for Canada Student Visa. Eligibility for Canada Student Visa

Student Visa

With Canada being one of the most promising destinations to study at, it has been a student magnet for students all across the world. Multiple undergraduate and postgraduate courses have been offered to the students opting to study here. Canadian Universities offer world-class facilities, quality education, best infrastructure, and so on.

Canada student visa requirement checklist:

One needs to be ready with the following steps to go abroad:

  • Getting accepted by the university: One of the important and the initial point is to get accepted into the college of one’s choice without which one cannot proceed any further
  • Province acceptance certificate: One requires a province acceptance certificate if the province university mandates it is situated in. This would fall under the first step of the visa requirement checklist. However, this is not mandated by all the provinces. One has to check the norms associated with a specific province carefully.
  • Police clearance: One’s police records need to be cleared to travel abroad for any purpose. Minimal records, such as a mere traffic violation record, needs to be managed to get a certification.
  • Presenting the funds: Student when applying to university in Canada has to be prepared with documents related to funds that would be used for studies. An amount of 3 would be required roughly, which includes the tuition fee and living expenses.
  • Medical or fitness test: It is required to test an individual before flying to Canada. It is one of the basic norms which most of the countries follow to avoid health threats to their people.

Canada Student Visa IELTS Band Requirements

To get Canada Student Visa one has to be a native English speaker; however, those who are not native English speakers have to go through a special English proficiency test. This test comprises of speaking, writing, reading, and listening English.

While the student has to score within the band determined by the Canadian university norms. The requirement for the undergraduate courses is 5.5 in all four sections with a combined of 6 to qualify for the student visa. Whereas for postgraduate courses, one has to avail 6 in all four sections with a combined score of 6.5 to avail for the student visa.

Documents required for the visa:

The documents that are required for the visa to progress or for applying for the Canadian student visa are as follows:

  1. Passport
  2. Recent passport size photograph
  3. Marriage certificate if traveling with a spouse
  4. In case accompanied by another family member then above documents would be required for them

Financial requirements:

Once getting the acceptance letter along with detailed specifications of the cost to be paid. There is a list of financial documents required to aid other documents:

  1. A proof certifying that the tuition fee has been paid
  2. Proof certifying the accommodation fee has been paid
  3. Bank statement issued by banks of past 3-4 months duly stamped by the authorized bank
  4. Sponsor’s bank statement confirming the sponsorship of the student
  5. Loan approval if applied for a loan
  6. Scholarship letter if the student would be completing the studies under the scholarship

Canada Student Visa processing time

The time required for visa processing determines the amount of time required in fulfillment of the entire procedure. The visa processing time often depends upon various factors such as the kind of application submitted, for example, student visa, tourist visa, working visa, and so on.

The condition of the visa application of whether it is complete or it requires certain aspects to be filled or looked at. The time took also depends upon the working conditions of the people and how long they take to process the application.

The student visa usually takes a minimum of 15-25 days; therefore, it is strongly suggested to apply three months beforehand. To remain on the safer end, one should apply before the travel date and time. Also, it takes some time to rectify the information provided to the people, and hence it is usually the time taken by the people to revert after checking the information provided.

Canada student visa processing time under SPP:

SPP or the student partnership program which has been developed by the immigration department of Canada and the citizens along with the Association of Canadian Community college.

This initiative has been developed to ease the visa filling procedure, which was earlier a difficult task to conduct. Some of the Canadian universities offer the same program under this scheme. However, the students whose visa has been rejected cannot apply for this program.

This program offers a brighter future for the brilliant students out there. This program makes the visa application procedure and the university acceptance process much smoother as the acceptance takes place based on merit in one of the topmost universities in Canada. The documentation required for this program is as follows:

  1.     Acceptance Letter From the College
  2.     Class 10th and 12th  mark sheets
  3.     Financial Documents to show that the course is sponsored
  4.     Payment Receipt of the fee
  5.     Receipt of education loan granted by the bank
  6.     Purpose of stay

Documents required for college application under the same program:

  1.     Scanned copy of Mark sheets and Photographs
  2.     College fee payment receipt
  3.     Scanned copy of filled application form that is submitted online
  4.     Letter of Recommendation
  5.     Minimum 6.0 bands in IELTS

The requirement for applying to this program includes a relevant background in the same field; for example, if applying for a science course, one must have a relevant under graduation degree in science.

Along with a 50% score in the course that has been completed by the student as well as there should be no backlogs in the course. Further few more requirements are there when applying for this program:

  •          Valid passport holder
  •          Passport size photograph
  •          English certifying test scores
  •          Admission letter from the desired college
  •          Purpose of visit
  •          Relevant mark sheets of education records
  •          Financial aid documents
  •          Loan documents if any
  •          Indian banking documents
  •          Medical reports

The student visa is often referred to as the study permit, which is managed by immigration, refugees, and citizen department. The student study permit acts as an assurance of granting permission by the Canadian authority to study in a particular territory.

This is often the case in most of the countries across the world. Ideally, the study permit lasts 90 days post completion of the course, and hence, this grace period is granted for the student to apply to other courses and jobs of their choice.

Canada Student visa tracking

A student visa for Canada can be tracked through VFS websites or by visiting the centers nearby. On the first visit, the VFS makes the applicant give a biometric to link it to the application of visas and for easier identification.

The VFS is a private facility that has been made available globally to apply for a visa, track the application status, and much more. To reduce the bulky work, the embassies outsourced this segment of the visa department. It also provides sms facilities to customers to stay on track with regards to the applications.

The VFS global employee helps the applicant to fulfill the requirement needed for the application easily. The visa tracking system helps to send alerts about completion of the visa, and hence, it is later on sent back to the applicant via post or can be collected by the same.

Canada Student visa process

How to apply for the student visa

Applying for the student visa is often time-consuming, and therefore, it is best suggested to apply beforehand. Applying beforehand gives a grace period for students to gather required documents, which would be essential for the procedure. The following is the checklist which are the essential aspects of the visa application procedure:

  •          To apply offline, one should visit the IRCC website, which would guide the student for the same, and after that, the VFS office should be visited.
  •          If applying online, one can simply visit the Canada visa portal and fill in the application form with suitable documents.
  •          Followed by submitting the visa fee and submitting documents.
  •          Once the documents are approved, then the candidate gets an Invitation letter.
  •          Once one lands in Canada and hands over this invitation letter, then the student visa is given to the students. This step takes approximately six weeks.

Canada Student visa Fee

Canada student visa fee in Indian rupees

The visa fee often differs in nature, depending upon the facilities offered by the country and the purpose of visiting the country. The fee structure differs in the case of tourist and student visas due to the duration of the stay of an individual.

The difference in the fee is often due to the services offered by the visa centers. For example, when applying for a tourist visa, not a bulk of documents would be required to be verified, and hence the fee would vary. Whereas in the case of a student visa, multiple documents are required and hence followed by authentication of the same, which is a lengthy job.

Canadian student visa fee costs approximately 150 Canadian dollars, which would be roundabout to Rs 8,000. This is the fee scale of almost all the developed countries which offer great educational facilities. The fee would be divided Among the VFS and the Canadian embassy itself.

Canada student visa rules

The student visa granted by Canadian embassy bonds the students with some rules which are as follows:

  •          A student visa is not required for courses less than six months duration
  •          A student study permit is not required if the family resides there itself
  •          One must receive an acceptance letter from the university to be applicable for the visa
  •          One should have proof of the financial aid which is present for the student
  •          One should be a law binding citizen with no criminal records
  •          One should be fit to travel

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