How the Tractors Exporters Have Taken the Export Business to New Heights

Posted by Rajnikant on October 22nd, 2019

The Tractors Exporters India is one of the largest manufacturers of tractors in the world. As of the first quarterly period of 2017, India has seen a large increase in a number of tractors manufactured as well as export as compared to the numbers from the previous quarter. According to official data, India has exported 12,858 tractors which have generated 144 million US dollars in the period of January-March 2017.

Horse Power Wise Analysis of export in this period

India is exporting more than 23 models of tractors with varying horsepowers. Tractors who have 75HP are leading the race for most tractors exported (5075 tractors exported) in this period generating 29.6 million dollar dollars and a total value of 21.16%. Second, come to the tractors with 47HP who have generated a total value of 18.78% followed by 55HP tractors which have generated a total value of 13.88%. According to the same data, tractors with 62HP have exported the least with only 4.1 million USD generated in this period from these tractors.

Importer Country wise analysis

The USA has the highest tractors import from India with 3534 tractors imported there in the first quarter of 2017 which is about 27.48 of the total exports. This has generated 51.2 million USD through exports. Bangladesh has the second highest tractors from India with 1992 tractors imported, which is 15.49% of the total exports followed by Sri Lanka (7.96% of total exports), Turkey (7.33%), Nepal (5.47%) and Myanmar (4.13%). The least number of imports of tractors manufactured in India where there is an export business in the United Arab Emirates (3.31%).

Port Wise analysis

A seaport plays an important role in the export of any good and Indian seaports provides big support to the Indian Tractor export market. JNPT, Mumbai generates 37.9% of the US dollars from the revenue in the Indian tractor export market in the Indian seaport. This is followed by Tuticorin Sea which generates 20.72% USD in revenue and Albratos CFS which generates 15.15% USD in revenue. The least amount of revenue generated amongst Indian ports comes from Petrapole with 9% USD in revenue.

These numbers show how helpful Indian tractor export market is to the Indian economy with the numbers only having increased since and will do so since there is a lot of requirement of tractors in farms in India as well abroad which would keep the export market open. This is how the exporters of tractors India have ensured that India stays ahead in this market.

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