Why Is Xamarin Referred to As A Coderís Delight?

Posted by AdWeb Studio on October 22nd, 2019

If you are looking for a cross-platform development tool for your app development, your first choice should be Xamarin. This tool is designed to solve various challenges every Mobile App Development Dubai faces while developing cross-platform apps. These challenges include using separate coding languages as well as UI paradigms. You can develop Universal, Android and iOS apps using C#. There are various reasons why Xamarin is known as the coder’s delight. We will discuss some of those reasons in this article. So continue reading.

Amazing Features Offered By Xamarin:

Following are reasons why professional Dubai Mobile App Development Company prefers Xamarin over other app development platforms:

1.     Let You Use C#:

Xamarin is one of those platforms that enable app developers to write apps in C#. You can even import your already written codes to iOS and Android using this tool very easily. You can also write Windows apps in C# with the help of Xamarin.

2.     Freedom of Using MVC Or MVVVM Design Patterns:

With Xamarin, you can develop a User Interface with the help of a Model/View/Controller pattern. This platform enables you to figure out the parts of your app which require native user interface elements of Mac, Window, Android and iOS platforms. It also provides you the guideline to divide your application into two parts namely the Core and User Interface.

3.     Enables You to Develop Native Uis:

Every operating-system-specific application comes with an entirely different UI layer. App developers can make the use of UI Kit APIs to develop native-looking iOS apps. To create a User Interface visually, the developers can use Xamarin’s iOS designer. To create native-looking apps for android, they can use Android Views along with Xamarin’s UI designer. 

For the Windows apps, developers can use XAML created in Blend’s UI and Visual Studio to develop a presentation layer. To develop Mac apps, they need to use storyboards created in Xcode for the presentation layer.

4.     Development of Native User-Interface:

If you are an app developer and you want to build a native app, Xamarin is the right platform for you. It provides you an amazing User Interface and controls which enable you to develop native apps.

5.     Allows Cross-Platform App Development:

If you want to build cross-platform apps, Xamarin should be your first choice. It allows you to develop apps for iOS, Android and Windows. Using this tool, you can share codes over number platforms.

6.     Bugs-Free Apps:

With Xamarin, you don’t need to worry about the occurrence of bugs in your app. moreover, if you want to boost your app’s performance, you can do so by using Xamarin Insight. With this feature, you can easily monitor and track the exceptions and the number of times your app crashes.

7.     Integration of APIs:

With Xamarin, you don’t need to develop different API for multiple mobile platforms. You can use the same API to develop apps for iOS, Android, and windows.

8.     Exceptionally Useful Compiled Codes:

If you want to produce high-performing and productive code to be accessed by all native APIs, Xamarin is your solution. With this platform, it’s extremely easy to create device-specific apps for several platforms.

9.     Exceptional Community Support:

With Xamarin, the process of integration is extremely easy. You can integrate this tool with several SDKs no matter which operating system you are working with. It supports several apps. This means to develop an app, you simply need to bring together GDK, Android SDK, and Xamarin Studio. The recently introduced Xamarin Android can support modern devices which include Android Wear, Fire phone and Google Glass.

10. Shared CodeBase:

By introducing the Xamarin Form, this platform has enabled developers to use codes multiple times. These codes can be used to develop native UIs for iOS and Windows devices. With this code library, you can access more than 40 cross-platform controls and layouts for the development of the native interface.


If you want to develop the apps that stand out, Xamarin is your one-stop solution. It comes with amazing features that help mobile app developers Dubai to overcome the challenges they face during the process of app development. Hire the app to develop who is an expert in using Xamarin for cross-platform app development.

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