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Posted by AngeloEverton on November 21st, 2011

 There are several factors that can influence your decisions when you are trying to select suitable Michigan wedding venues.  Remember that location plays a key role for the success of Detroit weddings.  For one thing, you need to consider the size of your guest list.  If you have a big wedding party, then you will surely need a large venue to accommodate everyone.  Another thing to consider is the cost of the wedding site so that you can determine if you can afford the quoted rates.   But did you know that there are different types of wedding venues?  As a bride or a planner, you need to know how to select a type of venue that is perfect for the theme of the wedding.    

There are hotels that offer facilities for Michigan weddings.  The majority of receptions and ceremonies are usually held in hotels.  The benefit of these types of Michigan wedding venues is their easy availability.  It is obviously easy to book a function room or a special hall for the ceremony and reception.  Unfortunately, hotels are quite expensive.  You will probably spend several thousand dollars just to rent a simple function room.  Although such venues are quite expensive, the hotel management will ensure that you will get good value for your money.  You will be given an army of professional waiters and servers.  Some hotels even offer free use of facilities such as chairs and tables. 

For the outdoorsy couples, they need more exciting and unconventional Michigan wedding venues.  If you want your wedding outdoors, then you should consider country club venues, beaches, vineyards, and exclusive gardens to name just a few.  Michigan weddings would be more joyful if they are held outdoors.  Some of the best weddings are usually held at the beach.  The outdoor ambiance and the vibrant energy of the surroundings can easily add excitement to the event.  However, outdoor venues have downsides too.  There is always a possibility that the wedding will be disrupted by unexpected rain.  A freak gust of wind may also disrupt the outdoor ceremony and reception.  To avoid problems, make sure to choose a venue operator that has provisions for emergency situations. 

Manor estates are also very popular wedding venues.  The rustic ambiance of a country manor provides the perfect backdrop for the most romantic Michigan weddings.  The good news is that there are lots of Michigan wedding venues in this category.  It is easy to find a manor estate that exclusively services wedding ceremonies and receptions.  Another good thing about these types of venues is that the estate usually has provisions for outdoor and indoor events.  In fact, you can have the best of both arrangements if you want.  The formal ceremony can be held in the manor garden while the reception would be indoors.  No matter what your preferences are, the operators of wedding manors will surely have something special for you.  However, the rental rates of a typical manor estate are also expensive. You need to prepare a good budget if you want a country-style manor wedding. 

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