Donít Let Inaccurate Data Slow Down Your Business Growth

Posted by Rupali on October 22nd, 2019

Inaccurate data is nothing but an inaccurate list of B2B company in India that slow down the growth of your business. In the market, you can easily find a reputed database company or a database provider providing accurate data; however, while purchasing the data of B2B Company in India, you should be careful as it can either boost or slow down your business growth. Undoubtedly a powerful CRM is a must; however, it can only produce impeccable results if the data put inside by you is correct. Your business can still manage without CRM; however, without correct data, it’s almost impossible to get the desired results.

Let us look at how inaccurate data slow down your business growth:

Improper Follow-ups

An inaccurate data purchased from any database company results in improper follow-ups. It does not let your sales and marketing employees prospect the right lead with correct details, which later on acts as a hurdle in following-up with leads. Due to inaccurate data of B2B company in India entailing details of a profile like job role and buying preferences, sales and marketing executives, pitching goes in the wrong direction. It completely ruins the initial interaction with the lead. Even at the time of follow up with the right lead, by mistake, your sales and marketing employees can also feed incorrect information which they collected during the follow-up with the lead. In a buyer’s journey, there are multiple interactions of lead with sales and marketing employees, and as humans are bound to make an error, sales and marketing representatives also make an error while registering the information, which acts as a hurdle while following-up with the lead.

Chaotic Environment

An inaccurate data purchased from any database company also creates a chaotic and de-motivated environment in the company. Incorrect information gathered by the sales and marketing team results in false or inaccurate reports that create a chaotic situation and de-motivates the morale of the team as these reports fail to showcase the right growth, which was expected. The presentation shows incorrect growth as the number of leads that were converted into customers was not properly captured in reports which lead to chaos, frustration, and the team feels de-motivated

Apart from the de-motivation and chaos that spreads around the team, the sales forecasting process also gets impacted drastically with such false reports as the decision-makers and stakeholders of B2B company in India face challenges in formulating short-term and long-term strategies based on false reports.

Poor Productivity & Incorrect Lead Generation

An inaccurate data purchased from any database company generates low productivity and incorrect lead generation. This incorrect lead generation directly hampers your sales and marketing team’s overall performance. Incorrect data makes the team’s task challenging while contacting leads, prospecting them, and scheduling meetings. It results in a lot of time and money wastage because your sales and marketing employees are sending emails that bounce and making calls on wrong numbers. Their hard work gets wasted, which they could have put in other core sales and marketing activities to boost sales. Inaccurate data results in poor prospect planning as the leads which were contacted did not have comprehensive information regarding their buying preference and job roles. It completely damages the first impression of your business in the very first interaction with the lead.

Hopefully, now we have a clear picture of how an inaccurate list of B2B Company in India can slow down the growth of any business. If you own a business and want to boost sales, then look for a database company that provides accurate data.

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