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10 Ways to Include More Mindfulness in Your Day

Posted by silatha on October 22nd, 2019

Mindfulness practices have been scientifically proven to increase compassion and creativity, enhance decision making and even improve our sex lives. The meditation practices and yoga jewellery are re-wiring and re-training our brain, as well as opening up new neural pathways and connections between our heart, mind and body. Here are ten ways you can practice mindfulness in the many moments of your everyday life.

  • Chew slowly

Ayurveda asserts that we should chew our food 32 times before swallowing, knowing that digestion begins first in the mouth. Counting the number of times you chew your food can make eating a guided meditation experience, whilst also improving your digestion.

  • Invoke your Senses

Mindfully tapping into our sensory body and letting ourselves feel the full experience through this intention based meditation of whatever we're doing, brings fullness in presence to our day.

  • Mindful walking

Bringing your full presence into your feet, body and breath while walking is a beautiful meditative practice that is perfect to incorporate into your day. Carve out a little extra time to walk slowly and meditatively.

  • How is your Heart?

At one point during the day, try asking yourself, "how is my heart?” Focusing on acknowledging what we are feeling, instead of why we are feeling. Try sharing this with someone else and asking "how is your heart?" and seeing where this question leads them.

  • Art of repetition

The repetitive action of knitting, keep cortisol and adrenaline down and induce state of meditative calmness. This can help us induce the flow state and combine an increase in skill with a state of relaxation.

  • Recognising the Elements

Pay gratitude to the elements as they move through your day will help us to feel more connected to the natural world. Apart from wearing spiritual jewellery, you can begin by noticing the elements outside of you, the fire of the sun & the water you bathe in.

  • Mindful movement

Bike riding, surfing, running, swimming, dance, tai chi, and yoga can all induce an immersive state that invokes the balance between relaxation and skilled movement. It will aid your meditation practice and improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

  • Active Listening

When someone else is speaking, our minds divert to many places. Incorporate active listening by looking them in the eye, watching their face expression, noticing their body language, and feel into how they feel while they are speaking.

  • Practice Gratitude

Creating a gratitude practice helps us to gradually notice more and more, those things in life which bring us joy. It's training our brains to pay attention, notice and appreciate the good things in life.

  • Full Body Scan

When you lay down to sleep at night, practice a full body scan - a mindfulness technique used to deeply relax the body and bring you into your parasympathetic nervous system which allows us to rest.

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