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Posted by rohit sharma on October 22nd, 2019

When anyone thinks about the business he thinks about profit. Indeed that is the touchstone of any business decision. If any business no matter how respectable or satisfying does not give you enough profit to sustain it is not business it could be termed a social welfare activity.

That’s right, make no mistake about it. You may have chosen play school as a business venture because you love children and you do have some experience in the field of education but running a play school and making it a profitable venture is a completely different thing. Even a play school run with a lot of passion and dedication could become a loss-making unit if you do not heed to certain basic things.

For instance you may invest heavily in the building and interior decoration to make it impressive and pleasing to the children but that may not get you enough leads or you may not be able to charge the right amount of fees from the children that will offset the expenses you have incurred on the building as the neighborhood you are running your playschool may not have high-income group, individuals.

Now coming to the basic question whether it is worth it to jump into the business of play school in India, The answer is big Yes. Indeed it is a good idea as the demand for playschools is increasing day by day. Thanks to the awareness about the importance of preschool education and to the efforts of the top preschool franchise in India to popularize them this sector is witnessing a phenomenal growth in this segment and it is likely to be higher in the coming years.

The reason is only about ten to fifteen percent of children go to the playschool so the scope of market expansion is immense. The scope is even more robust in big cities where the top preschool franchise in India is operating in big numbers and working as growth engines. At the moment this sector is experiencing the growth of around 22% per annum and this trend is likely to become even brisker in the coming years.

As a result, a number of franchise play schools are opening in the country and doing decent business. The top preschool franchises in India are very competitive and give a lot of support and concessions for opening a branch with them. As a result play school franchise cost is also competitive and affordable.

However, it does not mean that you wake up one fine morning and establish your playschool. Indeed you would have to be fully prepared about the challenges that the preschool business poses and also do some legwork to research the prospects of playschool in your area and indeed your town. In India, preschool is sometimes also referred to as playschool or nursery school.

It is a place a child goes to before kindergarten/primary school generally before Kindergarten or Upper KG. Till date, there are no basic standards defined by the government in India. Moreover, there are no accrediting or licensing agencies for teachers and preschools. However, in some states like Maharashtra, there are some laws that govern the operations of play schools.

It would be a good idea to check some rules and regulations of your state. So not only you save time and energy of registering your preschool and also get to define the scale and magnitude of your venture. This gives you the freedom to establish your preschool as per your resources and likings.

Like any business, the preschool business also needs some initial investment, mainly on infrastructure, building decoration and interior, play school franchise cost, publicity, etc. It would be a good idea to keep it low in the beginning so it is very important to be mindful of return on investment or ROI. A high initial investment robs you of your profits and increases your gestation period; Plan to breakeven in around three years and not beyond.

Yet another thing to keep in mind is that whether you run it all by yourself or go for the franchise, do not underestimate the power of your imagination and creativity. A lot can be achieved at very economical rates if you do things creatively without squandering money. For instance, doing the interiors all by yourself rather relying on an interior designer who might charge a hefty fee for it or buying teaching aids and toys for toddlers. Sometimes inexpensive teaching aids and toys can be as beautiful as the expensive ones.

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