What are the usage methods and precautions for logging?

Posted by Md Khann on October 22nd, 2019

The oil eyes are gas-powered saws, which are mainly used for wood cutting and making materials. The working oil eye principle is to cut through a horizontal movement of l-shaped blades on the chain. In this paper, the specific introduction of the chain was given to everyone under safe operating procedures, to teach you how to correct the operation to extend the service life of the chain, the hope can help everyone, and see that fast! know more best miter saw

Safety operating procedure for cut rent

1. Before using the saw first, you must read all the operating instructions in detail. Failure to observe observed safety rules will lead to life risk.

Minors must not use oil saws.

3. Children, pets, viewers and other non-personnel should stay away from the site of the operation so that they do not fall on trees and hurt them.

4. The operator must be in a good physical condition, be healthy, be in good mental condition and timely in the workplace. The operator should not use the saw after drinking.

5. Do not work alone and nourish the appropriate distance from others, to rescue in an emergency.

6. Wear protective contraceptive tight supplements and you must wear corresponding labor protection articles as needed, such as helmet, goggles, strong labor protection gloves, anti-skid labor protection shoes, etc.. And wear a colored vest. know more best miter saw review 

7. There are no coat coats, no skirt, no scarf, tie, and jewelry, which may be attached to twigs.

8. The engine should be closed during the transport of the oil saw, and the chain protection cover should be forwarded. 

9. Do not modify the saw without permission, so as not to endanger personal safety.

10. The saw cannot be given to anyone who knows how to use or lend the saw, and that the instruction manual is attached.

12. Be careful not to go near the machine when used, to prevent the hot dish and other hot machine parts from scalding.

13. When the engine is running without fuel oil, it should stop for 15 minutes before refueling after cooling. You must turn off the engine before refueling. You need to smoke.

14. The saw must be filled with oil in a well-ventilated place. Clean the spot immediately if any petrol is poured. Do not put gasoline on your work clothes and replace them as soon as possible.

15. Check the saw safety of the operation before you start.

16. When you start the saw, keep a distance of more than three meters from the refueling point.

17. Do not use oil saws in closed rooms. When working, oil eyes will start with noxious carbon monoxide gas without discharging any canoe. Air security must be ensured when working in ditches, hips or congested areas.

18. Do not smoke when the saw is being used or near the saw to prevent fire.

19. The work height should not be higher than the operator's shoulder, and there should not be some branches stuck at the same time. Don't continue too much at work.

20. At work, you have to spot the hold firmly with both hands. You must stand firmly and pay attention to the danger of slides. Do not work on unstable ground, on directors and on trees, or with a wing on one hand.

21. Do not let your foreign objects go into the saw. Trees, nails and other objects will be thrown by rotating to damage the saw chain.

22. Pay attention to adjust idle speed, and ensure that the chain cannot follow the rotation after discharge. When the saw blade does not bounce branches or transferred operating points, place the wing in the spot in a dormant situation.

Oil eyes can not only be used to make the woodcut, without shovel branches, roots and other work done.

24. During maintenance and repair of oil, the engine must be closed and the high pressure of a spice additive removed.

25. It is prohibited to use oilseeds in severe weather, such as strong winds, heavy rain, heavy snow or fog.

26. Dangerous warning signs should be established throughout the sawing site of operation, and irrelevant personnel should be kept away from 15 meters away. for more details https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logging

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