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Choosing a photographer is one of the most important parts of planning your big day, you need to make sure you have the right one because this is one day and you want to get it right. There is only one real negative to having a photographer and being whipped off like an A-lister to be snapped every second, and that is that you miss everything else that’s going on while you’re posing up a storm. But do not fear, as mentioned your professional photos are very important, so don’t sacrifice those as there are loads of ways that you can capture every moment without you or your photographer being there:

Disposable Cameras

Very popular in the nineties and noughties, putting disposable cameras all around the wedding venue and on each table is a fantastic way to capture every moment and especially the silly ones. Kids love using them, your guests will all love using them, and the best thing is that you get a great surprise when you go to get them developed because no one remembers or knows what was taken. It’s fun all round. Castle Weddings Yorkshire 

Photo Booth

Getting a cheap photo booth is another way to make sure that everyone at the wedding is captured one way or another. Even people who don’t enjoy having their photos taken will be tempted by the booth and this way you’ll get everyone smiling, having fun and being silly in photos you’ll have forever. 

Dedicated Hashtag

Creating a dedicated hashtag for your wedding is a must these days and even more so for collecting all your photos in one place. Get everyone to take photos and post them online but make sure they use the hashtag so that all your photos are easy to find.

Other People

You’re bound to have some family members with big cameras who love taking photos, make the most of them and if there’s something in particular that you’d like snapping while the professional is busy taking photos of you gazing into your new spouse’s eyes, then ask them. People are usually more than happy to help in any way they can for a wedding and even more so if they are family or friends. Make the most of this and actually, it’s likely that whoever you ask will feel very honored and flattered that you are impressed with their photography skills. Luxury Wedding Planner 


Polaroids are another thing of the past - but not anymore. The Fujifilm Instax mini cameras are great to have at a wedding, they’re small, compact, and people enjoy using them. Either set people challenges, for example, you could ask certain people to get a photo with other people - this will encourage them to get talking to find out who the other people are they need to have a photo with. Or you could have a photo tree or photo wall for everyone to stick the photos on as they take them which will also make for a fantastic wedding day souvenir for you.

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