Here's How to Choose the Best Cloud Service Providers for Business

Posted by Louis Marcel on October 22nd, 2019

“Cyberattacks are the plague of the 21st century.”

With the spread of ransomware back in 2017, cybercriminals changed their tactics.

Although anti-virus software companies did make specific improvements to their products.

However, it was not long that the best of antivirus programs themselves became the target.

With that said, it was time to look for an alternative, which is out of reach of the cybercriminals.

Now is the time when businesses should switch to The Cloud.

The Cloud offers individuals and businesses a chance to keep their data safe from any unauthorized access.

However, many skeptics claim even The Cloud is not safe from cyberattacks.

Well, Sad news! Cloud is an online platform with high-level encryption to keep all data safe.

It is also why entrepreneurs are looking for the best cloud service providers for business.

The question arises how would one know which cloud service provider they should choose.

Read on below to find out.

Cloud Computing For Businesses

Moving all the data from the email and external storage to the Cloud will help a business to reduce not only the extra cost but also eliminate the need to hire a separate IT expert.

The Cloud will make it easy for employees to work from any corner of the world.

However, the most significant advantage of the Cloud is for small businesses, which would be able to concentrate on pressing matters at hand.

They need not worry anymore about data security, backup, support, or maintenance, as the Cloud would take care of it all.

However, what matters more is that the business hires a reliable cloud service expert for the job.

“How Can I Hire The Best Cloud Service Expert?”

Yes! There are specific questions to which the chosen one must have the right answers.

With that out of the way, there are three questions, which the cloud service expert should know the answers to without a doubt.

What Cloud Service They Offer?

Cloud computing will dictate the future of data security on a massive level, so it is essential to know what type of cloud service the business wants.

In case the business needs more than just the basic storage options, many vendors offer different types of cloud services.

These services can include features as on-demand access to virtual servers, software, and applications.

Hence, the business owner needs to be sure about the type of cloud service they want to hire.

How Secure is the Cloud?

If one is searching for the best cloud services providers for small business, then security is a significant factor to consider.
The cloud service providers should always have varying levels of security measures with regular updates.

Some of the security measures to look out for include firewalls, multiuser authentication, data encryption, security audits, and anti-virus protection.

The business owner should also ask the cloud service provider about the person with access to the data on the cloud.

What Happens If the Provider Loses the Business’s Data?

On the off chance that the cloud service provider removes or loses the business data, they need to have the measures to correct the problem.

One needs to know about the company’s Service Level Agreement (SLA) terms, which cover the scenario of data loss.

The business owners need to be aware if the provider would offer compensation for the loss or what data redundancy measures it has in the scenario of data loss.

In short, the business needs to know about the company’s previous issues regarding data loss.


Those looking for the best cloud service providers for business should always ask these three critical questions beforehand. It will help them choose the right professional for the job, as data security is a significant issue these days.

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