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Precious Gemstone

Preface and Origin Of Precious Gemstone -

precious gemstoneAs the name Suggests, Precious Gemstones are treasured Gemstones with rare occurrences. Diamonds, Ruby and Emerald are considered as one of the top Precious Gemstones. These, just like semi-Precious Gemstones, are referred to as Gemstones. Precious Gemstone and Semi-Precious Gemstone have many similarities, the only differences between them is that of the Rarity.

Precious Gemstones are mineral Crystals with a highly rare occurrence. These are cut and polished to use as jewelry and other ornamental and pieces of art. Precious Gemstones are of great value because of their impeccable Beauty, Crystalline shine like that of the stars and their great magical powers.

These Stones have existed over Centuries. Precious Gemstones carry with them their legendary stories and myths. Precious Gemstones are the hardest Gemstones and range from 8.5 to 9.8 on the Mohs scale. Their refractive index lies between 1.6 - 1.8. Precious Gemstones are highly valued and desired because of their high clarity and luster. Precious Gemstones have vitreous glass-like luster.

My Quality and Trait -

These Gemstones have a sparkly shine that adds to their Beauty. The Precious Gemstones are found in various colors from colorless to dark red, dark blue. The colors of these Stones are either Natural, that is, due to the presence of trace amount of impurities or they are treated with heat or radiation to get desired colors of various shades. Precious Gemstones are cut in Various Shapes depending on the demand and popularity and sold in the market.

The most popular Shapes are Oval, Round, Emerald and Cushion shapes. They are sometimes often cut into a cat’s eye shape. The Two Principles of cutting a Precious Gemstone are the same as that of semi-Precious Gemstones. They are either Cabochon Stones that are cut in a smooth dome-shaped or facets stones that are cut using a faceting machine polishing window flat. Opaque or Semi-Opaque Stones are usually cut in Cabochon.

The values of Loose Gemstones are usually determined by their properties and quality. Clarity, rarity, beauty, freedom of defect and their demands are the most important criteria for their pricing. In accordance with these criteria, Precious Gemstones are the most valued and expensive among all the Stones.

The prices also differ for colored and colorless Gemstones. The price of the Diamond depends on locations and the evaluations of Diamond sellers. Diamond is a Precious Gemstone composed of carbon in a pure Crystalline structure. It is the hardest Gemstone known. It has a rating of 10 on the Mohs scale, the highest for any Gemstone. Diamonds are naturally colorless having a very clear Crystalline shine. It is one of the most desired and top-selling Gemstone.

Precious Gemstone Category -

Emerald is a green colored Crystal of beryl mineral. The color green of the Emerald is mainly due to the presence of trace amount of chromium and sometimes due to the presence of trace amount of vanadium. Its hardness ranges from 8.5 to 9 on the Mohs scale.

Ruby is a blood-red colored Precious Gemstone. Its shade ranges from rose pink to blood red. It is a mineral of the corundum family and ranges 9 on Mohs scale. Sapphire is also corundum mineral. Traditionally it is of blue color.

Fancy Sapphires are of great value ranging in the shades of green to yellowish-orange. It is the third hardest Gemstone known with a rating of 9 on the Mohs scale. Aside from Diamond, Ruby Emeralds and Sapphire, Opal is also considered a Precious Gemstone.

Amethyst was also considered a Precious Gemstone during the ancient Greek times before its Bulk Discovery in Brazil. In the last century, stones such as aquamarine and Peridot have been popular and hence been regarded as Precious. Precious Gemstones, sometimes, may show Pleochroism which, in simple terms, is double refraction.

They may be luminescence and an absorption spectrum. With the Jewelry, from earliest antiquity engraved Gems and hard stone carvings, such as cups, were major luxury art forms. A Gem maker is called a lapidary or Gem cutter; a Diamond cutter is called a Diamantine.

Characteristics -

Precious Gemstones are highly demanded in Jewelry in the form of rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings. Just like Semi-Precious Gemstone, Precious Gemstones have Magical Powers too. These Stones are believed to possess Healing Powers. Burma Ruby stimulates the flow of blood and alleviates any blood-related impairment.

Precious Gemstones also bring wealth and power. They are known to feed the soul with positive energy and alleviating any kind of negative energy surrounding. Wearing a Precious Gemstone on the left side of your heart stimulates blood flow and warmth and also brings peace and joy to the heart. It removes any past experience of hurt and feelings f despair and fills the mind with contentment.

Precious Gemstones are one of the most Beautiful and Desired Stones. Their Aesthetic Beauty matched with their unbeatable Crystalline shine makes Precious Gemstone worth all the money.

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