The Vibrant, Kinetic World Of Charles Eames Chair

Posted by Shweta Arora on October 23rd, 2019

A chair is much more than just being a seating apparatus. Some feature a better design while some look more attractive. They also differ in terms of quality. Some chairs are a bit sturdy, crafted carefully and designed for lasting a lifetime, while some are made with a cheaper material. But whatever may the chair be like, there are three main categories that a chair should be best at: purpose, shape and style. And the chair of the millennium award for excelling in all these categories goes to Eames chair!!!

The Eames chair was invented by an American designer, Charles Eames. He was on a mission for designing a chair that can "resemble the familiarity, warmth and comfort like that of a well-worn baseball mitt". He ended up creating a chair that would conquer the world. The chair has layered and curved plywood shells in the foundation that is originally coated with Brazilian rosewood veneers. These are of the same shape as that of the cushions, with the back and headrest in equal proportion, along with the seat and the Ottoman, making the chair look balanced.
The result that came out was totally stunning. The chair appeared to be rich in sophistication and class in combination with a timeless contemporary style. The Eames chair soon became a status symbol post-war and was favoured by the upper-class. It became so popular that it started featuring as a prop in plays, movies and New Yorker cartoons.

The Charles Eames Chair is one of the most functional chairs that money can buy. It has a very clever design that will provide you amazing comfort and at the same time it can be adjusted to any position that you require, may it be reclining back with a drink or sitting at a computer desk. The best thing about this chair is that the second one sees it and feels it, one can instantly make out that this chair has been built to last for a long time. It feels robust, solid and ready to take on whatever life will throw at it.

In fact, this chair has acquired ticks in so many boxes that it has managed to make a permanent place in the New York Museum of Modern Art, making it one of the most ideal and iconic modern chairs present today. All these things make it very hard to believe that Charles Eames Chair was actually introduced to the world in 1956.

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