How to Install Shower Curtain Rods

Posted by Nich Crump on October 23rd, 2019

Installing a new shower curtain rod in your bathroom is a fairly straightforward project. However, if you realize that you are having problems getting it installed or what to make sure you are doing it right, you will want to follow the basic directions that we have outlined for you below.

Choose The Height of Your Shower Curtain Rod

To choose the height of your shower curtain rod you will typically want to measure 5″ to 6″ above the height of the shower and make a mark. This height will leave plenty of space above the shower for the rod and rings while also making sure that the shower curtain will have enough length to drape over the tub.

Mark Where The End Caps Will Go

Once you have determined the height of the shower curtain rod, you will want to put the end caps or brackets against the wall and make your marks. Center them over the marks that you previously created, and either draw a circle around them, or mark the top, bottom, and sides to ensure they are installed evenly on both sides.

Install The Brackets On the Wall

After it has marked the end caps onto the wall, you can install them. Using an electric-powered drill with a screwdriver bit, you will want to attach the screws that were sent with the shower curtain rod. The end caps should have holes that you can use to affix them properly.

Install the Shower Curtain Rod Onto The Brackets

After both brackets, or end caps, have been attached to the wall securely, you will want to insert the shower curtain rod. Adjust the length of the rod so it fits snuggly inside of the brackets and does not allow any room for wiggling. Apply a slight amount of pressure to make sure that the brackets will hold the weight of the rings and the shower curtain once they instal it.

Add Your Shower Curtain Rings And Shower Curtain

Now you will need to remove one end of the shower curtain rod and begin threading on the rings that will hold your shower curtain. For some people it may be easier to attach the rings to the curtain before you begin this step, but if you have not, you will need to do it after it threads the rings onto the shower curtain rod.

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