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Posted by Herman Miller Furniture on October 23rd, 2019

If you are looking for a durable and reliable chair for your home office or workplace, consider Aeron. This iconic chair was designed by Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf and has been featured in the Museum of Modern Art. It is named after the Celtic God ‘Aeron’ and at the same time alludes to ‘aeration’ and ‘aeronautics.’ 
The Aeron chair perfectly blends performance with design, giving you a reliable working chair that will look stylish in your office. No wonder it's a classic favourite and has remained one of the best-selling designer chairs in the world. Apart from its durability and appearance, the Aeron chair is also noted for its ergonomic design. It provides lumbar, spinal, and pelvic support so that users feel more comfortable sitting and working on their day-to-day desk tasks. 
More importantly, the Aeron chair can help you keep your posture and alignment correct at all times. Regardless of your height, shape or size, Aeron chair can surely support your frame. Simply adjust the seat's height and other features to sit comfortably during the long office hours. If you are tired of back pain and other related body aches due to sitting on a bad chair for hours, it’s time to treat yourself with Aeron. 
You may be wondering: Why do you need to keep proper posture while sitting and working? Is it really worth it to invest in a good ergonomic chair?
Look good and feel good 
Keeping the correct body posture while sitting helps you create a good professional image. You will appear more confident when your posture is correct than when you are slouching in front of your computer. And not only you will look good—you will also feel good because proper posture has several health benefits. When you are working with correct body alignment, your internal organs in the abdomen assume their natural position. This leads to better blood circulation and digestive functions. 
Good posture = Better work productivity 
If you have been working on a desk job for many years, then you probably understand how crucial sitting comfortably is for keeping you ‘in the zone.’ An ergonomic office chair like the Aeron chair not only reduces the risk of postural strain and fatigue but also encourages productivity. If you can avoid body pain, you are more likely to continue working on your tasks efficiently without any hindrances. 
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