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Do United States Military Veterans Support their Children Using Illicit Street Narcotics, and How Would You React if you Found Out?

Before you start reading, I want to make it absolutely clear that I am calling out the integrity and function of several Law enforcement branches in the state of Ohio. I am calling out the integrity of the District Attorney's office in Ohio. I am calling out the integrity of the Drug Task Force (if they really want to call it that). I am calling out the integrity of the Ohio Highway Patrol, and furthermore I am calling out the integrity of the Governor of Ohio (don't know the guy, don't want to know the guy, and I'm speculating, but he probably spends more time counting his money from his salary rather than actually helping constituents who have real problems. Who would expect such a "respectable" guy to actually do any work to help the "people of his precious state" along actually do his job to govern the agencies under his authority in the state, including but not limited to these mentioned agencies. Again, I am just speculating here, but what we do know is that actions speak volumes about the stature of a "politician".

I am also calling out the "picky and choosy" nature of the news stations who would rather do news reports on cute puppies, traffic jams, and running to a local creek to make a sprinkle look like a flood, instead of actually investigating real issues in their coverage area for viewers like you. I am sure you love only seeing the types of news stories above and not real issues right?

I am sure this article will be eventually taken down, but that is quite OK. I have several backup copies of the article and it will definitely find a way to be republished. There are thousands of websites that "index" content, and a ton of search engines beyond our beloved Google where content can be found, so if you (whoever that is) wants to argue about my freedom of speech, I will just hook you right up and spam the internet with the article where you can spend the rest of your days trying to find it to "take it down and censor this" and where millions and millions of people, more importantly Veterans, interested in real issues can find it. So if your one of those "brilliant" minded people, take the time to clearly think it through before you take the time to take down the article, because I can promise you, the more it's down, the faster it will spread. The minute the article goes away, you will find yourself in the "unique" position to have your full time job from now till the end of time locating every public and private internet server on the face of planet earth, and beyond, where I will push the article, OR is this the only place it's posted? You tell me? Oh, and by the way, you can not take down physical printouts of this report either for those amazingly "brilliant" people that might get sand in their drawers over this and think the article your reading is the only one. I wonder in whose hands this might get personally delivered, or mailed, or emailed directly or which reporting agencies around the United States might just find it in their inboxes due to the wonderful nature of just how the internet and the Post Office works? Let's just say that I am a scientist, and I like to experiment.

Happy Hunting!

I no longer feel the need for me to "beg" someone to look into this problem. I am done with "asking for help". Now it is time to speak, and speak I shall. I am a very nice guy who would do anything to help people, but when I, a Veteran of the United States military, gets upset to the point that I take time out of my day to write an article "like this" to let our military Veterans know what is really happening out there, I have had all I am going to take in regards to the "nonsense" and in, my single, humble opinion, I ask you to please listen carefully to everything I am about ready to tell you in this article, because most people don't have the spine or the brass to put it out there like this. I am not one of those people! Maybe no-one find this article, or everyone finds it. I am not sure yet, but let's see what happens. Again, let's just say I am a scientist in a way and I like to do field tests on certain topics.

Furthermore, I am bringing this to the attention of every brother and sister Active, Reserve, Inactive and Military Veteran (Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and branches such as the Coast Guard, and Army National Guard) in the State of Ohio, and frankly the entire country of the United States of America. Mr. President (Trump) if one of your staff manages to find this, or if you happen to get a hyperlink directly to your Whitehouse email (you shouldn't be surprised if you do), I would advise an investigation occur, because I am pretty darn sure you haven't been made aware of the stature or rather lack thereof, of some of these agencies. Why would they actually tell you? They don't want to voluntarily make themselves look bad and run the "risk" of losing their authority in the matter. I'll just tell you now Sir, they are ignoring major problems and are picky and choosy (or cherry picking) about what they want to enforce and would rather harass someone for driving 5 miles over the speed limit, and write a ticket, than to be proactive and investigate a real issue that someone brings to their attention and practically hands over every piece of evidence on a silver platter, so they can enforce actual criminal issues. What a concept. What if I and the millions of Americans were just as picky and choosy and decided we were going to ignore paying our federal taxes, or for that matter just stop working and "suck off the system" for doing absolutely nothing to be a leaching member of society. Yes Sir Mr. President, I think there is a possibility that there is a lot more going on under the sheets of this section of the state government than just my problem, but I would think illegal illicit drugs killing people everyday I would say is a pretty legitimate problem to get upset over, don't you?

Mr. President Sir, I am positive you don't do drugs (and from what I understand you don't even drink wine), and as such since it is a massive problem in the country, and not just Ohio I would like to offer up the possibility that the DEA step up their game just a tinge, especially when they get a trafficking "tip", clearly outlining the failure of the local Drug Task Force, being the county Sheriff's Office, to act or investigate on the well laid out tip. I will be honest Mr. President, I hate wasting my time, and thus if the response to a legitimate tip is going to go unheard, then Sir I will make sure the next time there is a "fire" in the building I am in, instead of doing my duty to alert people to get out for their safety, then I will just walk out quietly, go sit in my car, light up a cigarette, turn on some music for however I am feeling at that moment, and watch the fire. Sir, I
might even take the time to walk to the nearest tree, break off a limb and roast some marshmallows from the heat, but I will dare not open my mouth and waste my breath because no matter how loud I would yell no one would hear me. Yes Sir Mr. President, when I am later asked why I didn't help, I will just say it's because I have a raspy voice.

There are a lot of us Veterans out there. The rest of the population can listen and read along if they so choose, but after putting my own rear-end on the line for this country in the performance of my duty as a United States Marine (USMC) to secure our country, I have the right to speak and I will exercise my freedom of speech guaranteed to me under the constitution. We may have to take orders from the "federal government" in performance of our duties as military enlisted or officers, but what we don't have to do is lay down like a bunch of cowards giving up our freedom of speech and the right to know what is really going on out there. I want my fellow Veterans, of all branches and all walks of life, to know what I am dealing with, what the problem is, what I have done to get help for my serious issue, who I have personally approached, and what these "agencies" have done to ignore such a massive issue affecting my family, and also affecting, I'm sure, millions of others families.

As a little forewarning to my fellow Veterans, just remember who you are voting for when re-election comes back around. I am not only referring to the Office of the President of the United States of America, but to every adjacent and subordinate position in every state out there, including Ohio. I am not taking a political stance for a specific party, and that is not what this is about. Take into consideration the lead supervisors positions of the Ohio Highway Patrol, the office of the Sheriff in Scioto County Ohio, and who you are re-electing at the District Attorney's Office. Furthermore I ask you to take into consideration the Judges come re-election time who reside over whatever cases are actually being brought before them. Like Mr. Trump (our president) said, it's time to drain the swamp, and that doesn't just include federal government officials, but also trickles down to state levels. We need to put officials in office that will do "the hard work" as well as the easy work, and from what I have seen, witnessed, and have found, they just simply aren't doing the job to the "best" of their abilities.

Now, we wouldn't want them being out of work or anything, so I have some ideas of good businesses that would be excellent in redoing their resume. We can work "together" as Veterans, I am sure, to find them a professional career position that they would be better suited for, such as working at McDonalds, or Walmart, or maybe a more advanced "well paying" position working as a toilet scrubber in a local gas station. I hear BP gas is a great place to work in Ohio! I offer up the opinion that they would "at least" be working under a supervisor who would like nothing more than to breathe down their necks and make them do the job or fire them for a lack of work. Again, what a genuine concept. So supervisors (I am sure you know who I am talking to) if you one day find yourself in the very unique position of needing a "job" please approach a local Veteran in your area and we will "help you" get re-employed to one of these great positions, or we will extend the same courtesy you have extended to us which is completely ignoring our "problem". Hurry before these positions get filled, because there are only limited spaces available for work!

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