The release of WoW Classic has made many private servers empty

Posted by meilleursDofuskamas on October 24th, 2019

World of Warcraft is the most popular MMORPG developed by Blizzard Entertainment. It has always been regarded as the representative work of MMORPGs around the world. It was first appeared in front of players in 2004. It has been 15 years since its first release, and World of Warcraft has also undergone tremendous changes during this long period of time: not only the upgrade of visual effects, but also the main story and storyline under the influence of multiple expansions. It has become richer and more imaginative, and the core systems in the game have been modified to become more friendly to beginners. Simply put, the modern WoW you played in 2019 is a completely different game from World of Warcraft 15 years ago. However, not all players can accept this change. Many players leave the Warcraft time after the Burning Crusade is released, because they prefer the Azeroth continent, which has a ceiling of only 60 and is full of difficulties and challenges.

In the case of Blizzard's refusal to provide the old version of the game, some players who insist on playing Vanilla World of Warcraft have to choose to continue the adventure on the private server, and risk the server will be shut down by Blizzard at any time. Nostalrius is the most well-known World of Warcraft private server, closed in 2016, when it already had 150,000 active accounts. After that, there are still more than twenty private servers with fewer registered users still surviving, and thousands of players continue to improve their game levels in these servers. You can get a 8% discount to buy Cheap WOW Classic Gold on ZZWOW's official website using the coupon code "HALLOWEEN". Not only that, but if you become a VIP member of ZZWOW, you can get more discounts when order settlement!

But starting from August 27 this year, these players have a better choice: WoW Classic is officially released, this is the World of Warcraft vanilla version provided by Blizzard official, not only can accommodate more players, and no longer have to worry about you The hard-working character becomes a waste product. The most direct result of this situation is that a large number of players frantically migrated from an illegal private server to WoW Classic. More and more private servers such as Light's Hope have to be shut down.

One of World of Warcraft's loyal fans, former private server administrator Ash said that he can't do anything about it. He just wants to stop working on the private server right away and immediately enter the dream of Azeroth in the WoW Classic experience.

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