Agricultural Milking Robots Market Size, Technology Development, Segmentation

Posted by Deeksha on October 24th, 2019

Market Research Hub (MRH) has actively uploaded a smart research report titled “Agricultural Milking Robots: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2019 to 2025”, to its broad online database. The primary motive of this study is to impart vital details associated to development of the Agricultural Milking Robots Market. The assessment includes brief knowledge about market size, Y-o-Y growth, market dynamics and competitive scenario expected to transform in the near future. Ever section of the report contains imperative market data that can prove useful for new entrants and industry players to draw crucial tactics.

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The 2019 study has 182 pages, 85 tables and figures. Worldwide markets are poised to achieve growth as the burgeoning middle class seeks more milk and more milk products- cheese. Across the industrial spectrum dairy farms use robots to implement better farm management. Improved farm efficiency is a key benefit of dairy farm industrialization.

One effect of the tariffs from President Trump has been to stimulate investment by Chinese and Russian business men in dairy farming. With imported milk from the US not available, demand for milk was felt in the market. The largest industrial dairy farm is being built in Russia with Chinese and Russian financing. This farm is anticipated to be fully automated.

By 2050 the world population will be 9 billion people, up from 7.3 billion in 2019. Population growth means that there needs to be a considerable increase in food production. Grow lights permit warehouse growing. Renewable energy supports electricity generation. Milking robots are part of a move to precision agriculture that increases crop yields and improves over all availability of nutritious foods. Income levels are creating a middle class worldwide, rising the demand for quality food and dairy products.

Milk demand is increasing because of the quality of nutrition milk products provide. Milk is a fundamental food, trusted and valued all over the world. Quality of milk can be increased via the use of automated milking and feeding systems.

An environmental development relates to consumer increasing awareness of the origin of produce, animal welfare, the use of antibiotics having a deleterious effect on health of people, and the impact of environmentally unsound agricultural practices. Agricultural impact on the environment is commonly measured as a carbon footprint.

There are 21 million working dairy cows in the world, meaning 21,000,000 dairy calves are slaughtered for veal or cheap beef every year globally. Cows must give birth in order to make milk and the resulting births create too many cows if allowed to mature.

The market for the robotic milking machines at .5 billion in 2018 is anticipated to reach .98 billion in 2025. Market growth comes from robots increasing penetration in dairy farms. Most of the large farms are equipped, but the remaining farms are being bought up by the industrial scale farms, and the new capacity in the existing large farms need automation as well. The small dairy farms are inefficient and are going away.

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Companies Profiled
Market Leaders

  • Lely
  • Tetra Laval / DeLaval

Market Participants

  • Veder Group / Fullwood
  • GEA Farm Technologies
  • HokuFarm Group
  • A. Christensen
  • BouMaticRobotics
  • Avon Rubber / InterPuls / Milkrite
  • DairyMaster
  • Milkomax
  • Milkline
  • JSC Mototecha

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Table of Content

1. Agricultural Milking Robots Market Description And Market Dynamics 15
1.1 Robotic Milking: High-Tech Farming 15
1.2 Milking 25
1.2.1 Role of Agricultural Robots 27
1.2.2 Agricultural Robot Technologies 29

  1. Agricultural Milking Robots Market Shares and Forecasts 31
    2.1 Agricultural Milking Robots Market Driving Forces 31
    2.1.1 Milk is Unique and Healthy 32
    2.1.2 Milking Robot Market Driving Forces 32
    2.1.3 Milking Robots Market Key Restraining Factors 34
    2.1.4 Milking Robot Market Challenges 35
    2.1.5 Market Growth Factors Discussion 36
    2.2 Agricultural Milking Robots Market Shares 37
    2.2.1 Agricultural Cow Milking Robots 41
    2.2.2 Lely Astronaut Milking Robots 42
    2.3 Agricultural Milking Robot Market Forecasts 43
    2.3.1 A Milking Machine Uses Vacuum For Gathering Milk 46
    2.3.2 Agricultural Robot Milking Machines Installed Base and Market Penetration 48
    2.3.3 Agricultural Robot Market Segments Driverless Tractors, Cow Milking Systems, Process Precision Architecture, and Irrigation Systems 52
    2.3.4 Agricultural Robotics Key Economic Enablers 52
    2.4 Agricultural Milking Robots Number of Cows, Sheep, and Goats and Herds53
    2.4.1 Large Industrial Scale Dairy Farms 54
    2.4.2 Milk Yield per Cow 56
    2.5 Agricultural Milking Robot Market Segment Forecasts 59
    2.6 Agricultural Milking Robots Pricing and Systems Costs 62
    2.6.1 Lely Cow Milking Robot 64
    2.6.2 Cost of Milking Machines 66
  2. Agricultural Milking Robots Regional Market Description 80
    3.1 Agricultural Milking Robots Regional Market Segments 80
    3.2 United States 81
    3.2.1 Lely US Market Leader in the Milking Robot Sales and Service 82
    3.3 Europe 85
    3.4 Asia Pacific 88

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