Where is the World of Warcraft classic armory?

Posted by Ambroise Pierre on October 24th, 2019

Where is the World of Warcraft classic armory?

Are you still looking for a classic mechanical library of World of Warcraft like World of Warcraft? I am afraid to disappoint you. There is no armory available in the World of Warcraft classics, as in the original version 15 years ago, not 15 years ago, not 15 years later. And the armory is only available for the World of Warcraft retail version, not the classic edition.

If you are not sure what the armory is in the game, then you need to have a good look. In the initial version - "The Burning Crusade" first appeared. And he will display details of each character and union in the game and display it on the profile page of the official website. You can even find any character and mount with a level greater than ten in World of Warcraft. Check out their achievements, equipment, item levels, talents and even raid processes. You can even see which mounts or pets they have collected.

Why is there a lack of an armory in the World of Warcraft classic?

First, there was no armory in the initial version 15 years ago, which left the basis for future updates. Although it is feasible to increase the arsenal from a technical point of view, in order to preserve the original version of the game to the fullest extent, the team has given up on increasing the arsenal.

From the World of Warcraft common answer questions you can know:

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“If you want to know more about player equipment before inviting players to the party, you must meet them and exchange information. (And until the 2.4 version you can't check the details of the players in the other factions) Even if you click on their details page, you won't be able to see all of their information, including talent. In order to maintain the current state, we decided not to launch the armory in the game or put it on the profile page. For more information on the link, for example, click https://www.mmowts.com/ to view and purchase World of Warcraft gold, buy now, the price is extremely low.

So if you want to know what kind of state your opponent is in, just ask them in person.

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