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Posted by hw on October 24th, 2019

Below are four simple ways to improve your customer experience.

Reflect your brand promise.

To deliver a memorable customer experience, you need to be able to recreate what you do inside your restaurant to your catering service. This means that if your restaurant crafts exceptional plated meals, it is already expected of you to do the same in your catering service. Establishing your brand promise is important because this is what your customers will look for. Aligning your business and your brand is essential and easy for you to satisfy your customers.

Create a complete brand logo.

A brand logo should not be restricted to branding alone. It should be used as the central idea for your catering business. Therefore, you can look into Alcas' high quality customizable items and stick your brand logo on your paper bags to increase brand awareness. For buffet lines, you can use a branded table card so that people can identify the dish from your catering service. Additionally, you also need to be consistent when it comes to your menu, website and marketing collateral. Make sure that it is consistent with your restaurant, emphasizing catering in the name. Lastly, make sure that employee uniforms, delivery vehicles, and equipment should have your catering brand or logo.

Satisfy your customers at every touchpoint.

Every interaction with a customer is considered as a touchpoint and is considered as important, whether it’s just an inquiry. To be able to build a long-term relationship with your customers, you need to be able to serve them well.

You can do this by training your staff to be experts when it comes to your menu. This is to prepare them whenever the customer asks them a question with regards to the menu. They also need to be able to know how to properly address and serve customers since they represent the brand and the company as well.

For catering services, it is important not to leave guests wandering around the place. You can post signage directing them to your order pickup spot for them to be aware of where to go.

Strengthen customer relationship with exceptionally trained staff

Customers are visiting restaurants mainly for the food, they are attract by the beautifulcakecup paper , but they always return if they are treated well by the staff. You need to look for great team members who have a passion for customer service. They need to understand that they are the key for the business to succeed since they are the customer-facing team. Provide constant feedback for your crew to help them improve their actions and commend them whenever they did great. It shows that you are also paying attention to them. A positive customer experience produces loyal clients just as the taste of food from your business.

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