Why Taurus People Are Superb a Character

Posted by Andy on October 24th, 2019

Why Taurus People Are Superb a Character

If you have a Taurus in your life, you’re probably familiar with any of these 15 eminent personality traits of the sign of the bull:


Realistic in terms of goals and objectives, there’s no better way to keep your feet on the ground than talking to a Taurus friend!


They tend to be traditional. They stick to what they’re used to instead of trying out something new and trending.


You can’t find anyone more patient than them. They will carry on and follow through no matter what.


They don’t back down that easily. In fact, a Taurus is more likely to put up a fight… especially if he/she is in the right.


Once they set their mind into something, there’s no talking them out of it. Much like a bull, Tauruses are unrelenting and persistent… sometimes to the point of being stubborn.


Because of their unparalleled sense of patience and persistence, they can be one of the most reliable persons you’ll ever meet.


Tauruses are stuck in their ways. They have a bit of a challenge in accepting criticisms and do not welcome last-minute changes with open arms. The sign of the bull plans ahead and he/she sticks to it.


A Taurus is a keeper. Once you’re part of their relatively small inner circle, you’re in it for life.


Their sense of calm and love for doing absolutely nothing is often mistaken as laziness. But it really isn’t. These bulls just love downtime and bask in it.


No one else keeps you safe as much as these bulls!


They do not hold back when it comes to satisfying their needs. Be it food, shelter or sex, Tauruses aren’t afraid to indulge and live in comfort.


As an earth sign, they are generally hedonistic. That is, they gravitate towards the finer things in life and have the tendency to be materialistic. Their love for money and luxury is tightly ingrained in their lifestyle.


It’s all about satisfying their senses! From good food to great sex, a Taurus is more than willing to enjoy them all.


Tauruses are very good with their hands. They channel their creativity and love for arts exceptionally in everyday life like cooking or making handmade gifts.


Although conservative, they still strive to be in a better place in life.

Which Taurus personality traits ring true for you?

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