Coal and its Various Uses

Posted by Rex Conner on October 24th, 2019

There are many coal suppliers in South Africa that you can purchase coal from. Coal has many applications in the commercial and industrial sectors, it is for this reason why coal is used internationally. But what is coal? Coal is a type of rock that is made up of ancient plant-based material that takes millions of years to form. (Information source:

Coal is a non-renewable energy resource, once we’ve used up all the coal there will be no more to use. However, that won’t happen for a long time. Coal suppliers all get their coal mined for them so that they can sell it to the general public and various industrial sectors that require this type of energy.

Once you purchase your coal from a coal supplier in South Africa it is essential to store it properly at home. Coal suppliers recommend the storage of your coal should be in some kind of plastic container. Coal suppliers also recommend storing your coal either outside or inside, but they suggest a weather-proof storage container if your store your coal supply outside.

Different types of coal supplied in South Africa: There are many types of coal. Below we will discuss the types of coal supplied in South Africa and its uses.

  • Lignite: Ranges from brow to yellow in colour. It is the lowest grade of coal. Lignite is often more water than coal, once the water has been extracted from the coal it tends to lose its shape and crumbles. This type of coal is used for the generation of electricity and to make some fertilisers. You can contact coal suppliers in South Africa for lignite coal.
  • Sub-bituminous: This coal can range from soft to hard formation. It is also on the lower a lower grade as it contains a lot of water, like lignite. This type of coal is used in power plants. Coal suppliers supply this coal to the many industrial sectors that use it.
  • Bituminous: This type of coal has a far better grade than lignite and sub-bituminous coal. There are two types of this coal, thermal and metallurgical. Thermal bituminous coal is used for powering steam trains. Metallurgical coal is heated to high temperatures to produce coke which plays an important role in the steel industry.
  • Anthracite: Has a shiny black appearance. It is used for heating certain stoves at home, hand fired furnaces and for heating residential sectors. This coals grade is much higher than the lignite, sub-bituminous and bituminous coal. You can purchase this coal from suppliers to heat your home.

There are many coal suppliers in South Africa for you to purchase your coal from to heat your home. You should always buy coal from renowned coal suppliers. You can speak to the coal suppliers to learn the best way to store your coal and which coal would best suite your needs. Coal suppliers will also be able to answer any coal related questions you might have with expert guidance.

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