Racing is a Demanding Sport That Deserves Respect

Posted by kunal on October 24th, 2019

Recently, while watching a horse race at a race track, I watched two thoroughbreds battling head to head down the homestretch. Each horse was fully extended, their necks and sides 토토사이트 lathered from exertion. The jockeys urged them on, flicking the reins and showing the whip, but mostly just using body language and their voices to help their mounts.

While this drama took place several people in the crowd made derisive comments about the horse who lost by a nose. The horse was at longer odds than the eventual winner, but did its very best to win. There was no shame in the horse's performance or the jockey's efforts. But according to several people in the crowd, the horse didn't want to win. Apparently they were watching a different race, or more likely, they were upset because they had lost money on the race and needed to blame anyone or thing other than themselves.

There's an old saying that goes, "A man or woman shouldn't bet on a race that he or she doesn't have an opinion about."

There's also another old saying, "It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

Anyone can have an opinion, especially at a race track where you can also back your opinion up with cold cash, and if you're right, profit from your opinion. But while you have a right to an opinion, sharing that opinion with strangers who don't care about your opinion and who are trying to concentrate on their racing programs and to make decisions that affect their financial future, your opinions are best kept to yourself and your friends.

Speaking in a loud voice doesn't make your opinion more valid or important, it only airs it so people will soon know just how smart you really are.

I once attended the races in Venezuela and was impressed with how the crowd dressed. You might have thought they were going to a formal occasion. Everyone I saw was decked out in his or her finest. They respected themselves as well as the place where they were going to spend their time.

My advice to race goers is to wear your best, look your best, and act your best. It will have a positive affect upon your handicapping and how you bet. If you expect success, dress for success, and act as though you are in control of yourself and your future. Going on "tilt," is a recipe for disaster. You will also be known by the company you keep and spending time with people who expect to lose and must share their misguided exploits with the crowd will hinder your own progress. Therefore, if your companion will be one of the loudmouths who must share his or her opinions and misery with the crowd, that "I'm with Stupid," tee shirt may be just the ticket. On the other hand, if your race track companions all show up wearing a shirt like that, it might be a hint. 

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